Brev til Kansler av Forbundsrepublikken Tyskland

Angela Merkel

Letter to the Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany


Munich, 9 December 2010

To Madame Angela Merkel, Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany

Madame Chancellor,

According to the Algerian press, the Algerian President, Abdelaziz Bouteflika, was your guest on 7 and 8 December 2010. This visit would be part of strengthening economic ties between Germany and Algeria.

Nevertheless, we would like to draw your attention on the following points.

President Bouteflika’s term has been renewed for the third time, in defiance of the constitutional provisions which, thus far, limited the number of presidential terms to two.

This coup is nothing but another violation of the constitution since the introduction of the multiparty politics in 1989. The brutal interruption of the electoral process by the army in 1992 was presented as a necessity to protect democracy from the Islamist danger.

Twenty years later, democracy is still not on the agenda in Algeria. Algerian society is at the mercy of Islamic fundamentalism, which the authorities use in their fight against the democratic movement and the aspirations of the peoples living in this country, for more social justice and individual and collective freedoms.

The civil concord launched by Bouteflika in 2005 led to an astounding rapprochement with the Islamic fundamentalists, yet without ending terrorism.

After paying a heavy price for a civil war that was forced upon them, Algerians have realized that the war of the 1990s, between the Islamists and the authorities, has never been against Islamism. It has always been against Islamic leadership.

What is revealed in recent years, rather, is the ideological connivance against Kabylia; a bastion of democracy, which has always rejected the military dictatorship and religious obscurantism.

This urge for freedom, vividly expressed in April 2001 by peaceful demonstrations that mobilized millions of people, 14 June 2001 in particular, was brutally repressed by Bouteflika at the cost of 127 dead and thousands injured, more than 1200 of whom were disabled for life.

Since that “Black Spring”, the government, whose authority has always been rejected by the Kabyle people, hounds Kabylia, where the repentant terrorists are sent to Islamize and depersonalize citizens and children, and make future terrorists out of them; against which the Kabyles have until now been shielded by their culture.

After the terror imposed by the security forces in Kabyle villages in 2001, and having exhausted all legal avenues to sustain their freedom and safeguard their culture, the Kabyles have finally decided to organize themselves for self-governing by creating the Movement for the Autonomy of Kabylia, a beginning towards a Federal Algeria.

Because of the apathy of the authorities and their refusal to take into account the legitimate aspirations of the Kabyle people, a Kabyle Provisional Government in exile, Anavad, was born in Paris on 1 June 2010.

Our leaders, on behalf of the Kabyle people, understand the interest of Germany in the fossil fuels that are available in Algeria and, a fortiori, a future clean and renewable energy.

Nevertheless, the Kabyle Provisional Government wishes that the strengthening of economic ties between Germany and Algeria also includes a positive influence of the German government on the Algerian authorities with regard to the respect for human rights and the rights of the Kabyle people.

Mrs. Merkel,

Kabylia follows attentively your struggle for the reconciliation between peoples and freedom.

For us too, this rapprochement must result in concrete solidarity between peoples. The fight against forest fires, on which the current Israeli Prime Minister commented that the safeguard of forests concerns all humanity, particularly drew our attention. In Kabylia, it is the Algerian military which set our forests afire under the pretext of fighting terrorism, which they maintain themselves openly.

Dear Mrs. Merkel,

We would like to express the high regard of the Kabyle people for the democratic institutions of the Federal Republic of Germany, and its admiration for the scientific and economic achievements of the German people.

We hope that, with your relationship imposed by economic necessity, you can challenge your Algerian partner on the contradiction between his official speeches and the multiple actual attacks on freedoms, particularly in Kabylia.

Mr. Lyazid Abid,

Minister of the Provisional Government of Kabylia

All the versions of this letter: [Deutsch] [Français] [Taqbaylit]


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