The ass without hair in the allah’s land !!

How to recognize a moderate Muslim from a fundamentalist Muslim? It’s simple. Must watch their ass if it is shaved or not.Because according to Muslim scholars, it is recommended to shave thehair ass. Shaving the ass is not a simple matter. There must be a true believer in Allah, a fundamentalist, a jihadist able to offer the person a favor to a friend, a co-religionist.


Read on muslim website :
question: A Muslim (man) must shave genitals and armpits. Is this also concerns the hairs that are located around the ass?

reply: It is reported that the Prophet Muhammad (sallallahu alayhi wa sallam) in a number of authentic hadith that shaving Anah” is part of the Fitrah” (primordial and profound nature) of the human being. It is generally considered that the term “Anah” in Arabic, refers to pubic hair. However, according to Ibn Abbas Abu Souraydj ra, the term also designates the hairs that grow around the ass.


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