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Algerian election: Kabylian people proved that they are not concerned

The Kabylian people have proved that they are not concerned by the Algerian election.

President of the Movement for Self-Determination of Kabylia (MAK) , Ait Chebib Bouaziz said about the Presidential election April 17 : ” Kabyle people proved that they are not concerned by the Algerian presidential election and demands his right to self-determination. ”

Indeed Kabylian citizens did not vote and Kabylia gave the image of empty cities and villages. All the shops were closed and everyone went about their daily business. About the official rates announced by the Algerian government, Bouaziz Ait Chebib , noted that no one gives credit to official figures that we see quadruple within 3 hours . “Despite ballot stuffing, a practice that characterizes each election in Algeria , Kabylia has stood once more with such low rates that they have affected the overall rate that dropped to less than 52 % for the whole Algerian state. That said , an insignificant minority of Kabylians that is state employees have voted, but without any influence on the real rate that don’t exceed 2%. The rest are constituted military and police installed around Kabylia who are the origin of the pseudo- participation announced by the government. Kabyle people confirmed for the umpteenth time their divorce with the Algerian racist regime when showing not conserned by the Algerian presidential election. With this rejection of the Algerian election, the Kabylian people express their determination of their right to autonomy. Kabylia asserts its right to self-determination to choose freely and sovereignly its future and destiny”, Bouaziz Ait Chebib congratulate the Kabylian people , who showed , as usual , political maturity to meet the demands of history, say” The only election that the Kabyle people respect is the referendum for self-determination of Kabylia that must take place under the auspices of the UN

—According to the Algerian colonial power, 14.34 % of Kabyle voted , but none for Bouteflika , but we know that the numbers were inflated by the fraudster government, this rate is impossible as high because of the entire Kabylia had become the battlefield before and during the elections. Only a few who work in the institutions of the state has voted. Anyway, the most comforting are the 85.66 % who rejected all elections and are ready to give their souls to the independence of the Kabylia .


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This entry was posted on 18/04/2014 by in Freedom of speech, Kolonialism, Politikk.
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