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Islamic State / Maxime Hochart & Michael Dos Santos or the “boomerang effect”!

Maxime, 22 years: a French executioner in Syria

Maxime, 22 years: a French executioner in Syria

Humiliated by the Kurds of Kobanê who resisted them for over two months with ridiculous weapons and, supreme humiliation, against women, the jihadists of the Islamic State decided to “cleanse their honor” by decapitating the hostages they hold. They recently released a video worthy of Hollywood scenarios where they staged the beheading of 18 Syrian soldiers and a young American aid worker. Among the murderers, two French are identified, one from Champigny, the other from Normandy. This is called the boomerang effect!

Norman Maxime Hochart and the Paris commuter from Champigny, Michael Dos Santos, are both part of the cast of cutthroats selected for the horror film to broadcast on social networks. And not satisfied with having allowed the Arab-Islamic ideology to have a worldwide expansion, after having imposed its Arab-Islamic policy to entire peoples, including the Berbers and Kurds, complacency of France vis-à-vis Arab-islamism went to allow this ideology to sneak up “at home” and to recruit her tormentors in Normandy.

By promoting the Arab-Islamic ideology of their “allies” in Qatar, Arabia, and all those who claim it, young Europeans have come to adopt its “virtues”. France, England and Europe in general git it back in their face. Belgian and English citizens are also suspected to be part of the cast of murderers of the last video of the EI.

As for the media coverage of this video and all the other videos of the Islamic State, one wonders what can it serve, knowing that this is what the EI is looking for. All major international editorial broadcasts looped videos of IE. What is the reason of this great media coverage ? Unconsciousness? TV ratings and greed? Regardless, the result is that the mass media are the most effective press officers of the Islamic State!

And if we add this to the fact that the Western democracies refuse to deliver substantial arms to the Kurds, who are the only ones to defeat the terrorists of the Islamic state, and so that to satisfy their Arab-Islamic or similar allies, that is to say Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Turkey, well there is reason to doubt the West will fight the Islamic state.



One comment on “Islamic State / Maxime Hochart & Michael Dos Santos or the “boomerang effect”!

  1. Kabylskmann

    The French state protects Islam makes its bread and butter and reduces people to mere consumers submitted and incapable of inventing one hand and destroyed more ancestral civilizations that could be a danger to respect the North Africa with their grandiose story he will do anything to see that remain mired mutate into Arab Muslim. So it will be reassured of its hegemony especially with the help of his Bedouin who he even concedes attributes imazighenes, confusing voluntarily with Arabic. It is no coincidence that no media talks about Amazigh but Arab peoples and even less that its Algerian ally to their subjected EN silence as any place in the world is reported by its media. For him the danger imazighens are not Arabs because under their boots unable to manufacture anything that makes his case and the entire West. We want people to consume their products and better to have their turf by installing dictators. Islam they used to that too. Just look if they have allowed only state to emerge in all sovereignty and democracy .It instead that we see when a patriot wants to break away from the grip of Françafrique is completed or isolated. The imperialist West which especially France are not ready to change their Arobo-Islamic policy that reduces people into slaves. Whoever has not understood this with all that we see and know, I do not know what it takes longer. That the people wake up and including more than imazighens destroyed by this alliance against nature Françarabia.

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