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Celebration of the Berber new year in Oslo, Norway

women Kabyle wearing dressesThe Berber new year, Yennayer, was celebrated this year in Oslo, Norway, in a particular way; It was dedicated to the Kabyle Mr Mustapha Ourad, literary corrector at Charlie Hebdo who was killed by Algerian French Muslims.Hermann


The plate of the absent was dedicated to him, with his name written in Tifinagh letters in front to the empty seate as he has left us all Kabyle like all that our great symbols arab muslims took from us. In addition to the Kabyles who organized this meeting, berbers from Rif also were present in force, confectionés delicious dishes from home, and exposed Rif craft works, as well as norwegians attended and norwegian dishes were served, Kabyle dress that had the opportunity to experience the signature dish in Kabylia Amazigh,: a good couscous served with champagne, wine and beer with gentle music by MEKSA, Idir, Djurdjura, Etc .yennayer Ourad

We raised our glasses and said in unison “Assewgas Ameggaz” the year 2965!” Happy New Year 2965! And then a focus on Kabylia to illuminate the present Norwegians of the position on the Kabyle people. We wish everyone Assewgas Ameggaz s talwith s Tilleli ii agdud aqvayli, Peace and freedom for the berbers people in Kabylia and Rif. Vive la Kabylie Independens (State Nation, People) PS: all of our support for the militants of MAK in Kabylie.

Åse et Aksel


Yennayer Flag



chapeaux 1

sofiane 2


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