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UN’s “peacekeepers” bombard the Tuareg


AZAWAD (Siwel) – After the scandalous UN attack against the representatives of the Tuareg populations of Azawad yesterday, several popular demonstrations were held today in several localities of Azawad, including Ber, Kidal, Aguelhoc and Tinzawaten and other places. The UN has shown its complete lack of neutrality and their soldiers are clearly supporting one party against the other in a conflict where they was supposed to keep the peace for dialogue and a peace agreement.

This aggression perpetrated by “peacekeepers” of the Dutch contingent of the UN “peacekeeping” force in Azawad is done for the first time in a frank and assumed way. These last have not hesitated to carry out air strikes against one of the parties in conflict in Azawad and demonstrates, for whom who doubted the bias taken by the UN for the Malian government and against the people of the Azawad struggling for 50 years for survival.

Certainly, discriminated peoples massacred by regimes which we even praises the “democratic advances” have always known that the UN has never been a neutral organization; but this time, UN is clearly positioned against the aspirations of the people of Azawad to break its liberation struggle and aspiration to free themselves from the tutelage of a racist regime that massacred hundreds of thousands of Tuaregs in particular. Tuaregs suffer for 50 years a real racial segregation due to the obstinacy of the United Nations to maintain a criminal territorial division and forcing entire populations to undergo segregation and massacres without any opportunity to defend themself.

Yesterday, the MINUSMA bombed MNLA vehicles and its allies, killing at least five among their members and providing direct support to the Malian government ethnic militias, responsible of ethSnic violence, mainly against the Tuareg and all that they call “red skins.”

Unable to overcome the will of the Tuareg for their freedom, the UN decided to assume their positions in favor of Bamako and changes without complex the doctrine of their “peacekeepers.”




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