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Why does the US State Department recommend against travelling to Kabylia?


Why does the US State Department recommend against travelling to Kabylia?

The department of the America State, in a release published early this week, has, again, reiterated the call to the US citizens to avoid travelling to Kabylia and some other regions of Algeria.

«The department of the American State still recommends the Americans citizens against travelling to Kabylia and move into the southern and eastern regions of Algeria», we read in the release. The reason of these warnings in a series are essentially that «the soldiers of Jund Al-Khalifa, affiliated to the IS beheaded, in last September, a French citizen, in Kabylia. There are also extremists throughout the Tunisian-Algerian boarder, on Châambi Mountains and Souk Ahras».
We remember in 2013, intelligence agents of the US Embassy in Algiers reported in a confidential report that it is the military who steer the armed Islamic groups in the regions east of Algiers, in other words in Kabylia.
We wonder then why the US does not say it publicly and do not denounce the mafia behavior of the Algiers racist regime. Everyone knows that the islamic groups who operate in Kabylia are but islamic groups of the Algerian military, but this region is at the mercy of Algiers decision-makers. Until when? Only a Kabylian independent state is able to protect his people as it should be.

Saïd F.
Translated into English by Muhend Arezqi

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This entry was posted on 27/02/2015 by in Freedom of speech, Kolonialism.
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