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The raising of Kabyle flag: Message from Roger KAPLAN, American writer and journalist



M. President
Ladies and Gentlemen,
Free men of Kabylie,

With admiration and deep respect, Americans have watched for many years the courageous efforts of the people of Kabylia to achieve the liberties to which they aspire.

The heroic story of Kabylia is all the more important to us in a world wracked by intolerance, political tyranny, and the cowering of so many in the face of evil. The Kabyles, with their long history of respect for religious and political differences, offer an example of dignity and good-will.

As a journalist and writer who has observed the evolution of affairs in your region, I cannot, of course, speak for my compatriots in general. Naturally, our country’s capacity to influence events is circumscribed by many factors.

But if we cannot hasten the progress of liberty as much as we might wish, we are assuredly the friends of liberty everywhere, for we are cognizant and thankful for liberty’s blessings. Nations and peoples advancing toward freedom deserve, and receive, our support; the more we learn about them, the better we can demand that our government pursue international policies that, while mindful of our own national interests, advance the cause of liberty, on a foundation of political and civil rights within a democratic and legitimate regime.

Americans who know history, and of whom there are more than often appears to be the case, are well aware of the goals our peoples have shared, and continue to share. It is, therefore, with fortitude, patience, and affection, and gratitude that we observe the continuation of the long campaign of the Kabyle people for their rights, for their freedoms.

Roger Kaplan,
American writer and journalist

From SIWEL http://www.siwel.info/Leve-du-drapeau-Kabyle-Message-de-Roger-KAPLAN-ecrivain-et-journaliste-americain_a7287.html

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