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Kabylia: the imperative of independence 1/2


Conference Mr. Ferhat MEHENNI in Montreal on 23/05/2015 (part 1)

Kabylia must necessarily become independent. The huge demonstrations of April 20, 2015, together with the adoption of the official flag of Kabylia imposes it on us. Kabylia calls us and ask us to move forward, to go beyond ourselves and to see toward which new steps it is appropriate to go. This is my personal conviction. I repeat it: Kabylia must necessarily become independent. There is no choice for her, there’s no other way out. Any other solution is DIY and tinkering. Any other alternative will lead at best to the perpetuation or renewal of its slave and colonized status, which condemns her to contempt, violence and mourning because of the repression by Algeria. Any other destiny will only promote the causes that fuel and perpetuate regional destabilization. The Kabyle people can not live on their knees. It does not have that right. Kabylia can not exist without freedom. His children have the duty to give her back, make it recover her sovereignty. Her who has survived centuries of foreign domination, is now, for the first time in its history, severely threatened in her soul. She is attacked in its foundations and values. For the first time, victim of a plan to dismantle her,  destruct her through deconstruction and depersonalisation. The Arabo-islamist Algeria is her new torturer, her new assassin, her new colonizer who is eager to be done with it.

Initially, Algeria was created only to enlarge the French Empire. Backyard of the metropolis, Algeria was empowered with a colonial state whose mission was to operate, control and assimilate its indigenous. However, deciding in 1857 to annex Kabylia to it, the colonizers had fallen on a bone. They made a huge strategic error because Kabylia who had never resolved to the loss of his sovereignty never stopped struggling to win it back. There is reason to believe that if the annexation had not occurred, the French Algeria would be still standing. But meanwhile, Kabylia had its own whims. Going contracting alliance with other indigenous peoples for decolonization, without clearly stated that what she wanted most of all was the recovery of its own independence, Kabylia had, in turn, committed a gross error, the same size as that of his opponent. She compromised to date recovery of its freedom, especially since the end of colonization in 1962. It was the revenge of vice over virtue. Kabylia got out of the French colonization to fall into that of the Arab-Islamic Algeria. Moreover, it is in fact an extension of the former. As is verified by the attitude of France supporting Algeria against Kabylia and by the docility of Algiers before the orders of Paris who is subcontracting its security issues in the Sahel and Azawad by the Algerian military regime. The antikabyle  Algeria can be perceived by us as an act of revenge from France against Kabylia. Kabylia was not anti French and she refuses to be, but she was and remains anti-colonialist. This is where we can (re) speak of historical misunderstanding between France and Kabylia. Eternal love of Kabylia for freedom is still considered wrongly by France as an anti-French attitude. But the fact that France turns its back to the Amazigh stuggle in general and that of the Kabyles for freedom,  legitimate our questions on our future attitude towards her. Meanwhile redefine this relationship with Paris, we see, through this look, which of Algeria or Kabylia is the famous “party of France” which accuse us all the time the Arab-Islamists of all kinds !
Kabylia should become independent for countless good reasons both for itself and for the international community.

I) – The reasons for the Kabyle people to move towards independence.

A) The basic principle: A people must have its freedom.

A people does not have the right to live under the boot of another. His own dignity imposes the duty to break free. “A people is nothing if it doesn’t have its freedom!”. In law and in the absolute, there is no sub-people, there are no minor people, as none superior. There is, in principle, only peoples who have the same rights and the same duties on the international scene and within the UN. Apart from its own will, there is nothing that justifies a people to be deprived of its state and its sovreignty. It is a new principle that must be enshrined in international law to open a new era of history of mankind in which the respect of peoples rights to self-determination is no longer a hollow expression. Then will emerge a new geopolitics of peace, freedom, respect for human rights and international cooperation that will lead all the peoples of the Earth to a global governance. The wars, famines and epidemics will be returned to the museum of horrors and humanity can get down to improve its knowledge and technologies for the conquest of outer space.
As Kabyles, we are a people and a nation and, as such, no one can deny us the right to be independent, to govern ourselves and to exchange ambassadors with all peoples of the world who wish to maintain friendly relations and cooperation with us. We represent a population of twelve million people, on an area of ​​40,000 km2. Nothing, absolutely nothing can stop us legitimately recover the of our sovereignty lost  in 1857. Now we no longer accept to be a national minority. The national minority status is an insult to the people we are. It is a killing status. Pretexting that you are recognized as a national minority, you’re given some crumbs, some prerogatives that make you believe you are respected in your rights, when in fact they kill you slowly. The more time passes, the more you are forced to blend in linguistics, religious and identity majority of the country. At the end, you are laminated, alienated, lost, dissolved, dead and buried. Accepting the status of national minority is to consent to euthanasia, a collective suicide.
Therefore, we Kabyle, we reject that status with all our strength. But the reason we need  that independence as soon as possible is the fact that there is urgency. Our extinction as a people is planned in the short term. It is scheduled.

B) The death threat.

There is a antikabyle policy that is being implemented since 1962. It is constantly being renewed, strengthened and adjusted, refined, sophisticated, updated to render each time a little more aggressive, more violent and more efficient to erase from Algeria any trace of Kabyle identity. The death of Kabylia is programmed, planned by Algeria whose survival depends on its victory over Kabylia. The Kabyle are summoned to Arabization, to depersonalize and blend in the majority of Algerians, disappear in the mass of these, until they dissolve in it, become unrecognizable, completely transparent. It is a genocidal policy aiming to get rid of the Kabyle people, to silence it. Which worthy  Kabyle would accept such a prospect? Not a singel one!

Since the antikabylisme fundamentally structure Algerianness, all hope of survival of Kabylia in Algeria is pure illusion (as Said Sadi demonstrate in his latest book, “Amirouche, une vie deux morts et un testament “) . Eventually, Kabylia will perish because it really is a serious ongoing threat to the Algerian unity. As long as there is Kabyles in Algeria, it will not be a successful nation. Kabylia is the major obstacle. As such, it must be defeated, crushed, reduced to nothing. Algeria will be a real nation only when all Kabyles will become good Arabs. The death of Kabylia is, for Algeria, a vital necessity. All those who disagree or who want us to believe that a plural and fraternal Algeria is still possible are dreamers at best, at worst barkers, manipulators and criminals. We can no longer believe in the algerianist slogan who claim that we would be all “brothers”. We have thought so for fifty years. No, thank you! We have already given! The brotherhood that could not exist for half a century can not be the realm of possibility within a few years and regardless goodwill, assuming it can still exist, in front of us.

Today, Algeria sends to Kabylia thousands of false “repentant” Islamist terrorists to succeed through the mosque, street and corner shop, the Arabization which had failed miserably by the school administration, repression and media still continue to distill their deadly poison to Kabyle children. The salafisation of Kabyle youth is the goal. By turning our children into Islamists militant, they will make them murderers of their own identity. To an Islamist militant, the best nation is the Islamic nation in which the language of the Koran, the Arabic language is superior to all others. In Kabylia, Islamism has always worked for Arabism. This is also where lies, in part, the explanation for the success of the ongoing evangelization among the Kabyles. To avoid arabization, they leave racist Islam to take refuge with Jesus who does not require his followers to change language and / or origin.
In all cases, sending us terrorists repented for any reason whatsoever, does us no good. Exploit the Islamists against the Kabyle people is in itself evil. Make Kabyles mutants, convert democratic Kabylia, tolerant and fierce defender of the freedom of belief and conscience to Islamic fundamentalism, indiscriminate murderer, is not the best of services to make  to Kabyles, nor to humanity.

C) The repression, insecurity and military occupation.

Since 1963, there is an almost daily repression of Kabyle activists. Those who had gone underground to defend our honor in 1963-64 were all tortured, some to death, others to debase them, to hate themself, their identity, and finally  to turn a brother againt his brother.

The singer Slimane Azem was banned for life and his songs banned on the waves of the Kabyle radio which we began to reduce broadcast schedules and where the show hosts and singers were subject to surveillance and censorship. Even ORTF (french broadcast) had ended, under the pressures of Algiers, to stop broadcasting in Kabyle in  in 1968. The MDRA militants of KrimBelkacem, were persecuted for years under the reign of Boumediene and their leader assassinated in Frankfurt 18 October 1970. During the seventies, there was a hunt for anyone having a Tifinagh alphabet. In 1974, the “Cherry Festival” of  Larvâa Nat Yiraten was prohibited for over 15 years.
In December 1975, Kabyle activists planted a mini-bomb in front of  “El Moudjahid” the only French-language daily of the time (antikabyles of course), while ensuring that it gets only material damage. Their arrest gave rise to a lawsuit against Kabylia and life and death sentences against the accused.

On April 20, 1980 during the Kabyle Spring who eventually became the Amazigh Spring, nearly a thousand students have been arrested in Tizi Ouzou. 24 will be brought before the Court of the sinister State Security, and not less than 546 injured students received first care at the hospital of the city. One of them, Rachid Sahmi, had lost his mind for the rest of his life. On May 19, 1981, forty Kabyle students were arrested in Vgayet and Algiers and sentenced to one year in prison. From 1980 a of 1985, Algeria sent 36 times the army in Kabylia to quell a strike, a march, a concert or a rally. The arrests were daily. In 1985, we were twenty to be arrested and brought before the Court of State Security.

The nineties were characterized by the emergence of Islamic terrorism that murdered all over Algeria, but curiously 80% of the victims were buried in Kabylia.

It took in the terrorist context of the time, a whole year of school boycott in Kabylia for Algeria to finally accepts,  an official teaching of the “Amazigh” language, but to date Algeria refuses to recognize the Kabyle language.

Even for its state coups, Algeria had resorted to the assassination of Lounes Matoub the 25/06/1998.

In 2001, it was the “Black Spring”, which, for three years, plunged Kabylia into mourning. The troops fired on our children among whom there were more than 5,000 wounded, 1,200 disabled for life and 130 deaths. The worst was the indifference of Algeria to the massacre of Kabyles, like nowadays there is the same indifference of Algeriato the fate of Mzab people. Our exclusion from “national” solidarity in the Algérianist meaning of the term is in fact our outright exclusion of Algeria where we are and we will be forever strangers.

Finally,we believed that the repression of democraty was behind us, but the 20 April 2014, it returned to prevent a march for independence. But for the first time in our history a scene is filmed and broadcast on social networks. The video takes a few hours to go around the world. We transmitted it to international bodies.

Military occupation: Kabylia is occupied militarily. Algeria has beautifully attempted to justify this colonization by fighting against the survival of local Islamist terrorism which, moreover, is not Kabyle, it convinces nobody. Even websites, reputedly close to the Algerian government, recently claimed that Islamic terrorismit is artificially maintained in a secular and totally anti-Islamist Kabylia.

In fact, the military occupation of Kabylia has at least two main objectives.

It is, first and foremost, in anticipation of a popular insurrection that the junta deploys the  third of its troops in a territory which does not exceed 2% of that of Algeria. Find the error!

Then this military deployment is the only way to maintain the insecurity aiming to … scare away Kabyle investors towards other regions. The aim is eventually to impoverish, starve Kabylia by establishing the business of kidnappings Kabyle’s bosses. Proponents of this policy expect that misery eventually weaken the solidarity between Kabyles to deliver them to their corruption and their will. To finally get their surrender. Needless to say, this is the realm of the impossible. The Kabyle bosses, like Rebrab  export their capital to Europe. Their profits go through all kinds of channels to support the identity and cultural cohesion of Kabylia.

… end of part 1 of 2

… read the part 2/2

Mr. Ferhat MEHENNI

Montréal The 05/23/2015

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