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Kabylia: the imperative of independence 2/2


Conference Mr. Ferhat MEHENNI in Montreal on 23/05/2015 (part 2)

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D) Discrimination, economic and political sabotage, theft of our rights and our natural resources and destruction of our environment.

The Kabyle executives in the administration are, in their overwhelming majority, discriminated. Their promotion is always problematic. They are confined to technical  tasks and positions. We rent their skills but we fear their power. So they are condemned to find themselves led by their own subordinates.

On the military side, the Kabyle who engage in the Algerian army, even reaching the rank of “major general” as Djebbar or Touati, are not immune from racism. They are, for some of them, banned from leaving the country. A military or police officer of Kabyle origin, whatever his rank, whatever his degree of devotion or servility, is and will always be suspect in the eyes of its Algerian peers.

The only Kabyle who are promoted, we must contradict the MAK and Anavad and pretend not to keep away Kabylia from the junta, are those that the street called contemptuously KDS (the Kabyle Of Service) those whose degree of denial of their Kabylity is an evidence. Despite this, they are delivered to the dogs once they have fulfilled their mission and they do not longer have sufficient connexion in Kabylia. They are used against their own before throwing them away like Kleenex.

Economic sabotage is also a reality. While plundring through taxation that will not be reinvested in Kabylia, Algeria blocks to economic development through a deliberate policy decision, constantly renewed since 1965. The Kabyle big boss who submitted a huge investment project for the creation of a modern port in Cap Djinet and with which he planned to create more than one million jobs has been blocked both for its Kabyle origins and because his project was to be achieved in Kabylia.

While Kabylia is dying of thirst, water is diverted from its dams to other places without any financial fallout for her. It is the same for the fifth largest deposit in the world of lead and zinc in Tala Hamza, whose operation is entrusted to Australians but the dividend goes into the coffers of Algeria and not of Kabylia. The Kabyle state forest property and tax services are based outside of Kabylia which, is de facto robbed of the  its economy and the development of its own territory. We must not forget that our forests, olive groves and other fruit plantations are each year ravaged by the flames of the fires started by the military by order of the Algerian presidency.

E) The identity and cultural death of Kabylia is programmed.

While Algeria make believe, through its naive local relays, that it will “formalize Tamazight” at the next constitutional revision, she continues to undermine the foundations of Kabylia, its language, values ​​and identity marks. The creation of an “Amazigh” television channel and local radio stations, have no other objective than confusion and alienation of the Kabyles. First, the message they convey is that of Algerian nationalism against Kabyle nationalism, but the culture and language they broadcast are Arabs! The Kabyle they speak is full of words of Arabic expressions, and messages are at 90% Islamists. The information published are those of the Algerian government and interviews are in Arabic. The TV channel shows Kabyle women veiled and accoutred “oriental style”. The junta has even created a TV channel for Kabyle children, fully Arabized!

This is, therefore, enough reasons that tell us that instead of sticking to Algeria to beg continually rare crumbs of our rights, it is better we detach from it. The discourse on “Tamazight” and its claims are now from another time. Let us not be nostalgic for the “Berber Spring” of 1980. While it remains an importante step of our history, but the “Black Spring” is superior. And claiming Tamazight these days is certainly the best way to fail!

II The advantages of an independent Kabylia for the international community

Regional geopolitics and the international community lacks an actor the size, weight and value of Kabylia. She alone is able to redirect North Africa towards its economic and political integration to the subcontinent, which is much needed. Kabylia becoming an actor on the regional scene will have a positive impact both on the Mediterranean as on  its closest African environment. The people of the Sahel are not violent by nature. Kabylia will help them find stability through viable states which will cooperate with her for the well-being and stability of all.

An independent Kabylia is a chance for the triumph of freedom and democracy around her. Its admission to the UN will bring its share of stability and prosperity to all the people who surround her and with whom she will maintain effective relationships.

It is vital and urgent that the Kabyle people has its own sovereign state. After more than fifty years under Algerian domination, independence became for Kabylia a matter of life or death. Apart from independence, no solution is likely to stabilize Kabylia in its current geopolitical context in which she is the soul and the heart, the engine and energy, the locomotive and the driver. By becoming independent, Kabylia will pull all its neighbors up. Remaining unchanged or becoming autonomous, then wandering and straying will  continue. Better said, autonomy and federalism are for Kabylia as dead ends. These are bullets, prisons that will continue if not to destroy any initiative on her part as is the case since Algeria mistreats her, at least to hinder and slow in its constructive and generous impulses.

Even with very broad powers to manage its destiny, as long as Kabylia is subjected to the yoke of another state, she will not accept it. She will constantly agitate and rock the North African boat and the Mediterranean basin. The Kabyle are a valiant people, straight and proud who never agrees to submit. They are a people of nobles and lords, an enterprising and spirited people, determined and wise. The Kabyle people likes knowledge, technology, scientific research and sustainable development. The war of independence of Algeria, its repetitively revolts since 1962 testify to the political health and vitality of its identity and its internal cohesion. Kabylia also reflect its discomfort to endure the government of others, to be imposed policies and values ​​that depersonalize it. This is a constant of its character and essence. The Kabyle is still determined to never be dominated by anyone.

However, contrary to what her enemies raised, Kabylia harbors no animosity towards one people, one race, one language, one religion or civilization. Kabylia endorsed all humanity, wisdom, wealth and moral beliefs. She has always bathed in the culture of secularism. Kabylia is respectful of everyone. If the Kabyles have a fault it is that to love freedom above all. They naturally practice self-respect and that of others. They fight injustice and impunity, contempt and arrogance. As valiant as they are, they remain humble and generous, open and sensitive to the difficulties of others.

Independence is the only way able to give back to the Kabyle people existence and pride, to benefit humanity of its powers and its means in the noble and eternal goal of building a world of peace and freedom, economic prosperity and respect for human rights. Kabylia will ensure the application of the international standard in the service of all humankind.

Daring Kabylia is investing in a very safe bet. Daring a free and independent Kabylia is putting the first stone, the cornerstone in the construction of a North African ensemble rid of racism and fundamentalism, turned to cooperation with Africa, Europe, the Middle East and America for which she will be the hyphen. Dare Kabylia and it is the world that will be more serene, more peaceful and less convulsive. Daring an independent Kabylia returns to bet on  education against ignorance, prevention against disease, preparing  humanity to deal with natural disasters in a more inclusive way. By daring Kabylia, humanity will turn to technological progress and the conquest of sidereal world.


Because she has been threatened in its existence for fifty years, Kabylia is ready to take its destiny in hand. She lives today as a condemned to death, bound and shackled, on which are turned several guns just waiting for the order to shoot to finish it. Kabylia does not accept this fact. To better deal with it, the resistance has to change from top to bottom. It is no longer appropriate for its members to play solo, to save its children and leave the rest of his village, his city, his district to its fate. As long as there was no structured framework for the reorganization, this form of individual resistance had compensated somehow for the death threat against Kabylia. Today, things are changing. We are no longer in the days when our two enemies-brothers political parties  made us believe that we could change Algeria, recover  it and govern. No! Today we have the structures, the MAK and Anavad (Provisional Government of Kabylia) with a  crisp, clear project. Give a home to the Kabyle nation on the ruins of the Algeria of our illusions and our whims. Today our strength is to build a sovereign Kabyle state to free ourselves from the deadly tutelage of Algeria.

The path has been laid out! The rails are in place. The train of freedom for Kabylia has just started! It will soon reach destination. It needs your individual, familal and collective, moral and financial support.

The world is watching and history awaits us! Let’s go!

Thank you

Montréal le 23/05/2015

Mr. Ferhat MEHENNI

Montréal The 05/23/2015


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