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Congratulation to Mrs. Kamira Naït Sid: new president of CMA

Kamira Nait sidAfter two days of work for the redefinition of the Statute of CMA (World Amazigh Congress) and the renewal of its bodies, Kamira Naït Sid was elected new president.

It is with great pleasure and honor that the Kabyle people heard the news, Kamira Naït Sid former representative of the Kabyle people in the CMA was elected as the new 7th Congress President of the CMA.

Tireless activist of the Amazigh cause, and defender of the Kabyle people’s right to self-determination , and former representative of the Kabyles in the CMA, Kamira Naït Sid managed to accieve the presidency of the organization of which she was a member.

First “woman” president of CMA honors Kamira Naït Sid Kabylia and its people, on one side – in attachement to the Kabyle people has its amazighité- and another side that is -the importance of women in the Kabyle society.
Ferhat Mehenni as president of the Provisional Government of Kabylia according to (Siwel) as soon as he had been informed of the “good news”, wished to express its warmest congratulations.

kamira 2

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