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After the tragedy in Mecca, Saudi Arabia refuses to deliver the bodies to families

tragedy in mecca 2015In the big “panic” in Mecca that has caused more than 900 victims, the most distressing part is without doubt the pathetic slave dome to the “states” that are most affected by this tragedy. For even Iran, a country that is equally quick to behead resistant souls to the dictates of the religious, raised some objections about the ability of Saudi Arabia to ensure the safety of pilgrims, a case about leadership at Ouma Islamic, have african held an almost religious silence on this tragedy.

For the conquered of the lower layer, its own life is without significance in front of the “conqistador” and it is precisely in this spirit that virtual states such as Algeria and Morocco, to name only the two, they had determined three days of mourning after the death of the King of Saudi Arabia, but not a single day for the victims of … Saudi Arabia!

In terms of the West, it excels as usual by its great sense of justice and reason to “select” Saudi Arabia for the UN Council for Human Rights … this says it all!

And it is the way Faisal bin Hassan Trad, permanent Representative of Saudi Arabia to the United Nations, took on Monday, September 21, leadership of the Council for the panel of human rights. It is emphasized that only the NGO human rights have publicly rebelled against such an aberration.

Indeed, this disclosure of the unusual appointment of Saudi Arabia, however, has caused anger among human rights activists who felt it was “outrageous that the UN choose a country that has beheaded several people than the Islamic State” …

For the others, to name the Muslims themselves, who are the first to suffer the evil ibn Saoud lobby, there is silence and consternation. They count their dead and comfort themselves by thinking that their loved ones who tragically died in Mecca, will go directly to heaven according to Wahhabi propaganda, which refuses to return the dead to their families. These can thus never visit the graves of their loved ones, unless they want to “tempt the devil” and go directly to Mecque.. which obviously is not completely without risk.


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