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The friendship of Malik and Jonas

A Kabyle who tells how he lost his best Danish friend after he converted to Islam
Around ten years ago, I had a friend I met in Paris. He was Danish and was called Jonas. We became super buddies, he was cool, he loved music, he even played, and was even an actor in the theater, jovial, very cultured, very open of spirit, he even invited me to Copenhagen for two weeks, where I met his family, his friends, his girlfriend, is to say that it was a very beautiful friendship, He became really like a brother to me, which lasted 4-5 years.
Up to the day in Paris, after he was separated from his girlfriend for almost 1 year, he met an Algerian woman he presented me, and believe me, that when he presented her, I had at once that bad feeling; practicing Muslim – I didn’t need more to understand. 3 months or more past and Jonas was converted, after nine months he had a beard. I have never seen after that time in Paris, and our last conversation ended like this: “Malik, you left Islam and you are as an apostate enemy of Allah and therefore also an enemy of mine.”
The trouble is that it is right. As a convert, unlike the cultural muslims, he is not a hyppocrite. He applies that the Koran and the prophet orders him without enjoliver. And that the notion of moderate Islam and radical Islam is just a pitiful lie.
Now he lives in Saudi Arabia and he never respond to my messages.
This experience made me understand like many others relating to Islam, that the decision that I have taken to leave Islam was the best in my life and for my existence.
For the latest news he would call himself Younes Abdullah.

Protect your children and the people you love!

Malik au Danmark

Photo of me and Jonas in his house outside Copenhagen with his family, a very beautiful memory.
For my birthday he gave me a ticket to go see The Eagles at the Bercy, he realized one of my dreams.
Thank you for everything Jonas.

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