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Recognition and message of support.

Kabylians in California

Mass Ferhat Mehenni, the manner by which you think and the innovative ideas that you,we have made, are for us a blessing, a source of hope the inexhaustible for our people, avid of joys and freedom.

You have taught us through your behavior and your fair decisions, that nothing will ever be impossible for us the Kabyles. Your confidence in yourselves, as well as the confidence that you give us as activists and people, do that strengthen our determination and our faith in this just cause that we defend fiercely to your sides, with the intimate conviction that at the end of the path, we will be able to pluck out our freedom, regardless of the price to pay.

You always open your heart and your mind to any new thing which would be good for our country Kabyle, which has made you a leader undeniable and undisputed, worthy to conduct the boat Kabyle, by his love to his homeland. While the pain watches for you at any time and on any occasion, even while you are forced to the Exile bitter and the deprivation of human beings who are dear to you, you do not cease to move forward courageously and with conviction, without never leave anything appear. Certainly that you know everything at the bottom of yourself that we are all your children, your brothers and sisters, your friends, your parents… We are numerous and scattered everywhere in the world, I would like you to know that you are not and will never be alone. No matter where you go, there will always be someone to receive you with dignity and with all the love and all the affection that must be feel toward a brother, a son, a father!

Your decades of incessant struggle make you a revolutionary warrior, but not a warrior alone, just as you do not risk to be the last, because we are all on your Not, reassure you. The seeds that you have sown have flowered, and today, we are much to support you and give ourselves, so that the dream that you have made us see will become a reality and will be realized as soon as possible. You can not only see, but also the touch, for you realize that it really on the concrete. You convey the image even of the Kabylia and complete with brio, all of the roles that you endorse, that they are of political aspect, cultural, musical or literal.

You can always count on us to do as much good as possible for our country which is the Kabylia and we hope to be worthy of this noble struggle, that is to free us from the colonial yoke. The freedom seems all the more close, after the success of the 3rd Congress, which was held yesterday at Zellal to your initiative and that of mass Bouaziz. I congratulate you on all the two for your respective reelections, this proves that you are all two worthy of the Kabylia and that the confidence that you install in us, you is clearly rendered.

You have a beautiful soul Mass Ferhat, and I am so proud and happy to belong to this race of warriors, of which you are the captain today. I wish you well for the courage to face the test that you cross now and be sure of our support to the more sincere. Courage President, this has always been the motto of our forefathers. Courage, the Kabylia of tomorrow you will be grateful for, even if it is you ALREADY LIABLE, of him to have lifted the eyes to see more beautiful, more true and more large.

Tanemmirt. Tinhinan Ouali MAK California, USA


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