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Report from the 3rd congress of the movement for self-determination of Kabylia

The Berber identity movement in North Africa was pioneered by the Kabyles of Algeria. But a preoccupation with identity and language has obscured the fact that Kabyle dissidence has been rooted in democratic aspirations inspired by the political traditions of Kabylia itself, a Berber-speaking region in the north of Algeria. Pr. Hugh Roberts,about the remarkable logics of Kabyle political organisation.

The 3rd Congress of the Movement for Self-Determination of Kabylia (MAK)

The 3rd Congress of the Movement for Self-Determination of Kabylia (MAK)

The 3rd Congress of the Movement for Self-Determination of Kabylia (MAK), which was held February 26 2016 in At Zellal, brought together 843 delegates despite massive deployment from police and the Algerian gendarmerie who tried to prevent the holding. Over 200 delegates were stopped in roadblocks and arrested. However, the Congress took place in a fraternal atmosphere, borrows dignity and friendliness.


The year two thousand sixteen the 26th of February was held in At-Zellal, town Souamâa, AARCH At Vucɛayev the third ordinary congress of the Movement for Self-Determination of Kabylia. After a minute of silence during the Kabyle national anthem in memory of they who were fallen for free Kabylie and democracy, the president of the At Zellal Section declared the official opening of this historic event dedicated to the illustrious amusnaw Kabyle – Mouloud Mammeri.

A Bureau of the Congress was elected to lead the work under the chairmanship of Farid Djenadi. It is composed of the following members: Razik Zouaoui, Slimane Kadi, Emma Chaouane.

Messages of support from dozens reached the MAK, published on news agency Kabyle Siwel were read to the present.

Following the conference, which brought together 843 delegates, Mass Bouaziz Ait Chebib and Mass Ferhat Mehenni, the respective legal mandates expire, and being only candidates in their own succession, were re-elected unanimously by those present respectively head of MAK and GPK.

The delegates, after reflection and debate on the needs and the policy orientation of the Movement, stopped in the meaning of applicable and enforceable resolutions until the next Congress and which reads:

1-To advocate self-determination: To internationalize the Kabyle question, the 3rd congress of the MAK registered the history and natural requirement of the establishment of a democratic Kabyle state, secular and social as part of the right of peoples to self-determination ; law by which every nation is free to choose the political status that suits him. This right of the Kabyle people to self-same will result in the holding of a referendum under the auspices of international bodies.

2. Reject all Algerian elections untill self-determination referendum.

3. Require the demilitarization of the Kabylie and challenge the international community on the effective occupation of Kabylia by the repressive forces exerted on the Kabyle people and its territory acts characterized nuisances: repression of peaceful demonstrations, environmental degradation ( voluntary forest fires, inappropriate landfill sites), repetitive military blunders causing death of citizens, dizzying proliferation of kidnappings, economic sabotage, misuse of natural resources (water, sand, etc.)

4- Strengthen relationships with all the Amazigh people of North Africa to create a synergy in order to encourage the establishment of provisional respective governments and work with the Kabylie to access their rights to self-determination and reconfigure the future of their destinies according to their aspirations.

5- immediate creation of a Kabyle League of Human Rights, all others are totally deficient regarding advocacy of the Kabyle people

6- Rehabilitate and modernize the traditional democratic structures of Kabylia, restoring in the society the place for the Kabyle woman, equal in rights and duties, as well as the Kabyle man, according to the people and the Kabyle nation.

7. Reaffirm the points of sovereignty adopted at the national convention Kabyle, namely:
• The Kabyle language is the national and official language of the future Kabyle State.
• Secularism is its social base and no religion or dogma prevail within it.
• The identity and democratic attributes of the Kabyle people are unchangeable values of the Kabyle nation.

8 – Structuring young Kabyle students by the organization of the 1st Congress of the Kabyle students.

9. Establishment of a Kabyle parliament on the ground to enhance the action of the Provisional Government of Kabylia (GPK) in exile in order to create the conditions necessary for the proclamation of the Kabyle State.

10- organically, coordinations may form a confederation to meet the requirements of the field in terms of needs and objectives.

11- The MAK is a sovereignist movement Kabyle, part universality. Therefore, it condemns racism in all its forms and banishes all totalitarian doctrines contrary to its values and universal consciousness, like Fascism, Islamism, Nazism …

12. Continue promoting fraternity among Kabyle and deploy all our energies to its effective realization. The Kabyle unit remains the only guarantee for the defense of Kabylie against its enemies and to have its own state, the only way to ensure its security, prosperity and development in the context of its own values.

13. Establish an ad-hoc commission to develop a new struggle and deployment strategy that takes into consideration all the proposals from the regional pre-conference and in the Diaspora.

14. Establishment of working groups for the establishment of Kabyle institutions that will prepare the advent of the Kabyle State.

15. The Movement of the base structures will feature a total autonomy of action but with obligation of effective operational missions and obligation of results.

16. Strengthen and enhance contacts, cooperation and solidarity with the peoples who struggle for influence in the international arena.

17- To promote the strengthening of the Kabyle lobbying.

18- In case of massive repression of the MAK and the arrest of its main leaders, political powers of the direction of movement will automatically be transferred to the GPK untill the meeting of the National Council in Kabylia to appoint a new executive accepted by Presidents of MAK and GPK. Furthermore, in order to guard against any attempt to split or manipulation, any negotiations with the Algerian government can not take place without the approval of the National Council of the MAK and the Kabyle Provisional Government.

19- Creating a Kabyle national football team.

20- imperative Creating a Kabyle TV channel in favor of the Kabyle nation whose main responsibility will be the presidents of GPK and MAK, in agreement and in collaboration with their staffs who shall appoint by mutual agreement its editorial responsable staff.
After validation of his re-election by the Congress Office, Bouaziz Ait Chebib, in his capacity as Chairman of the Movement for Self-Determination of Kabylie, took the word to express his gratitude, first to the delegates for the renewed confidence they have shown him and highlight his priority tasks of his presidency renewed for a second term.

Delegates then discussed the case of the Provisional Government of Kabylia chaired so far by Ferhat Mehenni. As was the case for the continuity of the presidency of the Movement for Self-Determination of Kabylia, where the experience was the key to re-election Bouaziz Ait Chebib, delegates considered that the renewal of Ferhat Mehenni as head of the Provisional Government of Kabylia as logical and imperative. Ferhat Mehenni was re-elected to the presidency of the Anavad unanimously by the delegates.

Delegates also discussed political questions about the Kabyle nation, the Algerian, African, Mediterranean and International. From this review, they highlighted the issues present in the medium and long term which resulted relevant proposals on the political orientation of the MAK in the best interests of the Kabyle nation which necessarily will benefit the Mediterranean and African environment .

The Project for a Kabyle State (PEK) and the Movement’s Statutes were amended and adapted to the evolution of the struggle of the Kabyle people and the objectives it has set. The final version of the two key texts will be published shortly in the press. The provisions of the Kabyle people’s Charter rights were incorporated into the PEK.

It should be noted that the holding of the 3rd congress of the MAK was characterized by a wave of arrests of activists and the siege implementation of Kabylia, particularly the area of At-Zellal. Despite the repression of Algerian colonial regime and preventing hundreds of activists from reaching the venue of the event, the conference was held in dignity, brotherhood and friendliness thanks to the efforts and determination of activists and militants.

After the Third Congress of the Movement for Self-Determination work adopted by the delegates, the session ended at seventeen hours.
Congress Bureau
Farid Djennadi,
Raziq Zouaoui
Emma Chaouane,
Slimane Kadi

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