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Boualem Sansal: “Mr. Holland chose to support the Algerian dictatorship “

Boualem Sansal Crédits photo  Jean-Christophe MARMARALe Figaro.jpg

The writer regrets that France supports the Algeria dictature, “the armed wing of the FLN, promoter of the religion of hatred “against our country.

LE FIGARO. -Francois Hollande is the first French head of state to join the Commemorations of 19 March. It should say to the UN speech Quai Branly. What does this choice inspire you?

Boualem SANSAL. – If I may say something, I would advise him staying home, he made enough damage like that, I mean at the international, I have no opinion on his action in France. A few months before the presidential vote, to bow before Bouteflika is calamitous for the image of France and catastrophic for the courageous struggle that Algerians are enduring to free themselves from the colonial dictatorship of the FLN and Bouteflika, who since the 19 th March of 1962 is one of its main organizers. In commemoration that date in this condition, important for all, Algerian and French, is again choosing to support the dictatorship at the expense of the people. I say it again, especially as Sarkozy and Chirac were familiar with El-Mouradia (the presidential palace in Algiers, Ed).

Haven’t this immoral attitude done enough sadness and death in the world? Does Mr. Holland understand that it is the support, among other reasons, western governments give to Saddam Hussein, Gaddafi, Ben Ali, Mubarak, Assad, Bouteflika, sultans and emirs of the Gulf … Resulting in what we dramatically live today: the global Islamist terror?

Why is the date of 19 March discussed on both side of the Mediterranean?

It’s normal. The cease-fire does not stop the war, it amplified it if the question of the legitimacy of each and others is not proven, and if the secrets of the war are not confronted to light. Write the true story and everything will be better.

What is left of the war with France in the Algerian collective imagination?

Nothing. Algerians got out of the war the same day as Independence Day, July 5 1962. They party for seven days and nights and then they returned home, exhausted. But eight days later in June a new war called them, the Wilaya’s war . The race for the power of war lords had started and raged in all parts of the country. This war is stil going on, it only changes form. The 1990’s decade has shown how far it could go in horror, and this period almost over when Bouteflika launches a new war against the Berbers, including against the very proud Kabylia and very peaceful Mzab.

Over time, downdrafts and great military operations in the countryside, millions Algerians fled to France first, and the flow goes growing. It will take a huge dimension if, at the announcement of the President’s death, succession is not immediately settled by various intelligently centers (army, DRS, police and parallel oligarchs militias). The threat in the Maghreb and the Sahel are so great that it is possible that Algeria will  explodes and gives birth to a ISIS 2. ISIS 1 is already in ambush at the eastern border and AQIM in the south. There is too much violence, hatred and sufferings in this country, accumulated since 19 March of 1962, so the black reign of Mr. Bouteflika will not end in joy. It is necessary that justice must be done.

On the algerian side, does France remains the eternal culprit?

It is the discourse of the FLN and the junta, which in tunes of strength and incantations have made a compulsory religion of it, taught in schools, imposed in daily life, but to learn a religion and to practice it does not mean to believe. Algerians are suffering in the present, that is what they see, no speech about the past will make them forget that. Those responsible for their woes, they know who they are, they suffer them day after day, and every night they dream to hang them high and short.

How to reconcile the two peoples?

The right question is: Can reconciliation be when official France supports
the Algerian government, the armed wing of the FLN, promoter of the religion of hatred of France? The people of Algeria, for its part, has publicly and definitively rejected the FLN and its evil religion at the popular revolution of October 1988. In Algeria, it is understood this way: France wants a reconciliation with the FLN (syndrome of Stockholm?), who vows her to shame and death, not with the Algerian people, who wants to be friend in the small condition that it enables him to live in France.

But the FLN is not the only one hating France, there are the Islamists. They belong together, those two, they are alike. In Algeria, we do not distinguish them, we call them “barbéfélènes”. Let us recall that Bouteflika is the president of the FLN and the friend of the Islamists, to whom he refuses nothing.

In the liberation war of the Algerians, did Islam played a role?

Certainly, but that Islam had nothing to do with today Islam. It was sort of
grandmother’s Balsam put on one’s misery and its injuries, it just accompanied the FLN, it has provided effective verses to mobilize the common people of the countryside and shantytowns. There were some crazy, but they were good fools. The Islamization of the FLN and Muslims will come Later, after independence. Traditional Islam had lived;  the globalized Islam Muslims Brothers was coming, Wahhabis, ayatollahs, CIA, death freelancers … there was a large choice.

translated from http://www.lefigaro.fr/vox/monde/2016/03/17/31002-20160317ARTFIG00307-boualem-sansal-m-hollande-fait-le-choix-de-soutenir-la-dictature-algerienne.php

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