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Constitution of an international group of lawyers to defend the self-determination of Kabylia


MUNICH (Siwel) – Lawyer at the Brussels Bar, Maître Philippe Chansay Wilmotte met Saturday, July 16 in Germany, a delegation of Kabyle separatists composed of former vice president of the Kabyle Provisional Government in exile, Mr. Abid Lyazid, Mr. Masin Enderle -Ammour and Mr. Ahmed Amrioui, to form an international group of lawyers to defend the cause of the Kabyle people. Hereinafter, the statement of the delegation:

The Arab-Muslim junta of Algiers fuels tensions and multiply aggressive provocations. Several separatists were arrested and then released after various attempts at intimidation. They showed their determination, and are free today. However, other Kabyle are, in turn, treated in the same boat

Institutionalized repression of the colonial government in Algiers has already resulted in the worst compromises; including promoting the implementation of AQIM (Al Qaeda in the Maghreb) to intensify Islamization of Kabylia. Even the Algerian school system propagates the Arab-Muslim indoctrination in defiance of the Amazigh culture. Nevertheless, the resistance will win.

Maître Philippe CHANSAY WILMOTTE, of the Brussels Bar is responsible for building an international group of lawyers. This group’s mission is to enhance the action of resistance at a time when, more than ever, it is necessary to exercise the right to self-determination.

The colonial Arab and Muslim Algerian government attempts, by all means, to through Kabylia in a spiral of violence. Arbitrary arrests of activists of the Movement for Self-Determination of Kabylia (MAK) illustrate that incentive. Kabylia will not give up.

The time has come for the UN Security Council, to be alert to this threat to international peace and security posed on the region by the Arab Muslim government in Algiers; whether by de facto fueling Muslim radicalism or multiplying discrimination and abuse at the expense of the Kabyle people. MAK aspires to self-determination of Kabylia, and act peacefully in this direction.

Abid Lyazid
For the MAK

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