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Algeria is conducting an ecological war against Kabylia.

Stop ecological massacre of Kabylia

Kabylia suffers once again the destructive lightning of the Algerian state, for the umpteenth time the forests of Kabylia are ravaged by flames of criminal origin. By attacking the forests, they do not only destroy the trees and animals that inhabit it but also complex ecosystems that recycle organic matter and feed our fields and rivers of nutrient. These fires, including those out of season, are too frequent to be whether natural, they affect the ecological resilience of the ecosystem, causing soil erosion and biodiversity and even loss of life, the tribute will price to pay in the medium term.

Struck by the nostalgia of the desert, filled Algerian Arab-Islamic trying at all costs to sterilize Kabyle land which will cause eventually the inevitable decline of our people and the total loss of our identity, what has happened to several times in the history of mankind, like the inhabitants of Easter Island, or the Mycenaean who experienced the collapse just after the disappearance of their forests, and thus the irreversible destruction of their home environment.


It is with the most firmness the Kabyle Environment Center condemns this heinous crime against the ecosystem, a crime against humanity and against life in general, and calls the Kabyle to defend their forest that have never known that frequency of forest fires since the French colonial scorched earth.

Lazhar Bessadi, head of Kabyle environmental center

One comment on “Algeria is conducting an ecological war against Kabylia.

  1. Scorched earth

    I wish I could help my brother from tamurth Lekvayel. We in tamurth n’ Arif (Rif) are also occupied by them. You understand.

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