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Racism: Algeria is hunting down black immigrants


In a horrible manhunt, the Algerian State confirms once again its primary racism towards all that is African. It drops, as rabid packs, its gendarmerie on African migrants and, during its devastating passage, spares neither women nor children. Since December 1, 2016, the Algerian gendarmerie organizes raids on subsaharan African to cram them in concentration camps, before expelling them but not without having stripping them of their meager possessions, as several victims have already testified.

I wish to strongly denounce the scandalous raids of the Algerian gendarmerie who targeted our African brothers, and I want to show them here all my fraternal solidarity. Just like our illustrious King Massinissa, whose motto was “Africa for Africans”, I claim loud and strong my African identity.

We Kabyle people, as all Berbers peoples of North Africa, we and all African peoples share and claim the same continent, the same history made of unceasing conquest, occupation, dispossession, acculturation, leading all to the same dramatic consequences of misery, oppression and denial of rights, to the most basic, that of the right to human dignity.

Always reliable of an international guarantee of its impunity, Algerian Arab-Islamic state openly boasts of an exogenous identity to Africa and behaves as a colonial, assimilationist, brutal and racist occupation force against the indigenous North African and the Sub-Saharan African.

The Amazigh people, Kabyle and Mozabite particularly, familiar with the elementary racism of the Algerian state towards all that is not Islamic Arab. They had to undergo it, especially during the Black Spring of Kabylia in 2001 when 128 young Kabyles were killed by the Algerian police; and in the Mzab country from 2013 to date, terror, crime, theft, arrests, imprisonments are still the daily lot of Mozabites.

We know your pain, we share and condemn it in the strongest terms. It is more than ever time to block colonialism and neocolonialism that ruin Africa. Africa must return to Africa!

Bouaziz Ait-Chebib

2 comments on “Racism: Algeria is hunting down black immigrants

  1. kabylia

    According to the newspaper “Le matin” these roundups come to satisfy the demands put forward by militant activist Muslims who brandish the sanitary argument to “clean up their neighborhoods”, dare they support, sources of “fitna” (disunity) and the debauchery that migrants represent “. This revelation is not a surprise as we know that official Algeria has named as national hero, the first chief murderer of the black decade that caused 300,000 victims, the sinister Madani Mezrag, and become by the grace of Bouteflika advised to the Algerian Presidency. Muslims are the first to cry out for racism, first to receive help from international human rights organizations.I am now waiting to see what these human rights monitoring organizations will achive at this point.

  2. atomtrident

    I saw an article in which a Red Crescent representative said the people were being sent back to their home countries upon their own request because they feared for their safety. They aren’t even trying to come up with credible sounding lies.

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