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Pictures : Conference of the Kabyle Diaspora in Canada.

The Kabyle diaspora of Canada organized a conference-debate on the pacifist means of liberating their homeland Kabylia from the Franco-Arab colonial yoke.
When we read the accounts of the progress and organization of this conference we have greate hope for the future of free Kabylie. Nothing in the organization resembles what Third Worldists generally do, much less the Arab Muslims who Europe tries to assimilate to us without our permission or conciliation.

Kabylie will win or Europe will sink under the blows of a revolving Islam!
Glory to the free children of Kabylia!
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2 comments on “Pictures : Conference of the Kabyle Diaspora in Canada.

  1. Anonymous

    It seems that all Europeans without exception are for the Arab-Muslim. They take some distance only with Muslim terrorism, but Islam they need it to perpetuate their domination over the peoples forced, by them, to be Muslims

  2. lynda snowbird

    Proud of my Kabylia, proud of my People, proud of my President, Ferhat Mehenni. It was a great ceremony. There was so much emotion. Great to see friends after 35 years in some cases.
    ( I am on several pictures!)

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