April 20 is here and will be even more beautiful this year!

April 20 is here. The anniversary of that memorable day, by its magnitude to break the dictatorship but also its symbolic of never giving in to the charlatans, reasons in the ears of all Amazigh in general and Kabyles in particular .

It is with great pride that the people of Kabylia celebrates its men and women, humiliated, tortured, imprisoned by the Arab-islamist-baatiste Algerian regime.

Time flies too fast, but the wound has never healed. It is omnipresent in the heart of everyone of us. It is this indestructible night against any forgetfulness, especially, against any betrayal. This year, as in previous years, the MAK-Anavad called to celebrate this glorious date, through peaceful marches in Kabylia, but also in France where the Kabyle community is important.

The chosen slogans: “Yes to the memorandum, Yes to independence”. It is not an illusion, but a long expressed wish, to put before the eyes of the world, that the Kabyle people desire fully and serenely live its Kabylity, away from Arab Islamists, who at all times, try the dilute it in other incompatible identities.

This claim headed on by the peaceful MAK-Anavad activists is honorable, dignified, honest and clear. But April will be there to separate the wheat from the chaff. Surely this spring will be more beautiful. It will be more beautiful, because it will be worthy of the great men in search of their freedom, their true identity.

There came the time when the same Kabyle people in his pride really taste the first days of his true freedom. Kabylia my love, I love you and we are very many to love and cherish you forever, our love Kabylia.

Rachid Hitouche

Translated from Siwel 111540 March 17


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