Sonia Amori wants to embed Kabylia in the fashion world

She is called Sonia Amori, she was born in Tizi-Ouzou city, where she lived in 8 years before flying to Paris, the city of all cultures. She is an actress who is also interested in fashion.She has just launched a major challenge: a ready-to-wear brand and accessories to “kabylize Western fashion”. A brand she called “Little Kabylia”

Parisienne in everyday life and kabyle in soul, the young stylist of 30 years dream “to see all women sublimated by mixed creations”. This is not a collection of Kabyle dresses, belts or other scarves but very Parisian clothes mixed with Kabylians motives.

Parisiennes, Kabyles but also Vegan, the creations of Sonia Amori and her seamstresses are guaranteed without wool, without leather, without fur or any product of animal origine


To achieve this, Sonia Amori is counting on participatory financing. On the platform kisskissbankbank, where she is aiming for some € 10,000 to embark on this adventure, Sonia Amori has exhibited her project and offers gifts to anyone who participates in the financing of this new brand which, in an admittedly original way, will introduce Kabylian culture all over the world. This is the conviction of Sonia Amori.



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