Anti-black racism in Arab-Muslim Algeria

Racism reaches alarming levels on Algerian social networks, with a xenophobic campaign that is growing against sub-Saharan migrants and which takes shape under the hashtag “no Africans in Algeria”.
Algerian Internet users accuse sub-Saharan migrants of “violence against Algerians”, “spread disease”, even want to “invade Algeria indirectly” and “change the Algerian popular component in the long term” , say those who  are destroying the Amazigh component North African indigenous peoples.


Under the influence of an article published on a large-circulation Arabic-language newspaper and known as very close to the Islamists, accusing the French army in Mali of helping illegal migrants find their way to Algeria.

This racist campaign Demands measures by the authorities to expel all migrants and refugees with the exception of the “Syrians” because they are all “Arabs and Muslims”.
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