Call for Israeli solidarity


Kabyle blogger Merzouk Touati completes a month-long hunger strike. Unjustly sentenced to 7 years in prison for interviewing a former Israeli official. Kabylia supports him and demands his unconditional release.

This conviction is in fact, that of Israel and the Jews, by proxy. It is they who are targeted through the Kabyle that the Algerian junta naturally assimilates to the Jew and Kabylia to Israel.

A call for a support rally to the Kabyle blogger has being launched for August 20th.
The president of Anavad (Kabyle Provisional Government) calls all the militants and sympathizers of the MAK to participate to echo the hunger strike and the danger of death that awaits this man of value.

He asks the Touati family to persuade Merzouk to pull together. Alive, he can always serve his cause which is freedom of press and opinion.

The president of the Kabyle Provisional Government asks international opinion in general and Israel in particular to defend the prisoner Touati Merzouk.

Mr Ferhat Mehenni
Exile, the 15/08/2018


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