The Tunisian constitution is racist


It is forbidden by law to wear an Amazigh first name in Tunisia

The municipality of Sfax had indeed refused to register a new born with the name Amazigh “Massin”. The refusal is based on the fact that the name Massin “is not Arab-Muslim”, and this in accordance with the decree of 1965, and unfortunately confirmed in 2013.

Despite this racist decree, still in progress in Tunisia, justice has ruled in favor of Amazigh parents by ordering the municipality of Sfax to register the name Massin.

In such cases, you must have afford to defend yourself and pay a lawyer to take the case to court. The majority of the population suffers daily segregationist measures.

The very existence of the Amazigh culture is criminalized by the liberticide laws of the North African juntas claiming themselves as Arabic and Muslim.The Amazigh continues to undergo these policies worthy of apartheid, especially in Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria and Libya



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