“France is the weak link, and Islamism is invested in everything and everywhere”


After Michel Déon and Malika Sorel, Boualem Sansal was awarded the Clara Lanzi Prize by Jean-Marie Schmitz, president of Secours de France, on September 26, 2018, in the prestigious setting of the Salon d’Honneur at Hôtel National des Invalides.

Speech by Boualem Sansal on September 26, 2018 at the Invalides

“The situation in Algeria today is delicate. She is threatened with bursting and disappearing. It still holds only by massive corruption from the Bouteflika regime, to maintain a semblance of state, this thanks to the oil return, most of which is diverted by the leaders of the regime and the oligarchs who serve them as front name. But the oil rent has melted, and a new civil war is on its way.

France will be directly and very badly affected, you know that. You fear it but it is good here and now to repeat it.

Nowadays, we must open our eyes and see that it is not really France anymore. Every day, Islam in its various radical versions, Wahhabist, jihadist, Salafist, is emboldened, and like a pack harassing its prey, it tears a piece of flesh here and there, while she is been bled. And the moment comes, and we are there, when the prey stops struggling and accepts the inevitable.

I do not play the Cassandra, but I have a conclusion that I want to share with you, in 3 points:

1 We are in danger and in the process of being defeated. The deadly state in which the entire Muslim world lies in, is the axiom to tell us what awaits us and already reaches our suburbs.

2 While the enemy is waging a total war, our leaders and your elites are inventing some very noble stories to escape from their responsibilities.

3 France is the weak link, and Islamism is invested in everything and everywhere. Those who say “do not confuse the Muslims and Islamism,” remake their bed every day.

Thank you for coming to hear me »

Boualem Sansal



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