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Anavad Communique: “Catalonia has earned the right to its Republic”

The Spanish police deployment did not prevent the holding of the self-determination referendum in Catalonia. The use of force against voters determined to make their voices heard in favour of … Continue reading

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Catalan self-determination : European artificial nation-states shake!

Despite attempts of intimidation from Spain and Europe, the self-determination vote will take place on Sunday, 1 October. Arrests, ubiquitous police forces, confiscation of ballots, the kingdom finds its old … Continue reading

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The world needs sovereign peoples to get out of the colonial night of fake independences

The existence of people (recognized as such) without states is an anomaly in itself, by which de facto disqualifies the international organizations (UN , unesco, etc.) and the so-called influential … Continue reading

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All our solidarity with Kurdistan and Catalonia.

Beyond the frank and open hostility of the neighboring states of Iraq, Iran and Turkey to the referendum on the independence of Kurdistan; in Kabylie, it is with particular interest … Continue reading

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Catalonia: European democratic hypocrisy

By Masin Ferkal, President of the Tamazgha Organization All the means are good to discredit the struggles for independence and to demonize the independentists. When Corsica is fighting for its … Continue reading

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Spanish state coup against Catalan self-determination

Spain has just reached a dangerous impasse. This 20/09/2017, by making a state coup against Catalonia’s right to self-determination, it is all Catalans who are being pushed into the camp … Continue reading

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Referendum in Kurdistan: France enemy of the Human rights and of peoples rights, genitor of the mythical Arab world is on the alert.

Brussels: Kabyle militants present at Kurdistan independence march The address of the Schuman roundabout, the seat of the European institutions, experienced on Saturday 16 September an intense occupation by dozens … Continue reading

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Berber Autumn

  First published in 2011 Decades ago, while engaged in undergraduate and graduate work in Middle Eastern Affairs and related studies, the only way I learned of the struggles of … Continue reading

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Israeli prime minister supports creation of independent Kurdish state

On the 12th of September, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyah, announced in a statement his country support the creation of a state for the Kurds.This announcement by the Israeli state … Continue reading

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Algeria: attack against two journalists over conference promoting Kabyle media

PEN International condemns the attack against journalists Reda Amrani and Rachid At Ali Uqasi as they were preparing to give a conference to launch a TV channel promoting Kabyle language … Continue reading

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What do the two Spanish and Moroccan monarchies play?

The opinion of the Moroccan Mohamed Hifad reinforces this idea already known of the collaboration of the various European intelligence services with the Islamic nebula. Spain is collaborating openly with the … Continue reading

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Because the referendum in Catalonia is legal!

On Sunday, October 1, there will be a referendum of self-determination in Catalonia. Madrid is accusing Barcelona of violating the law, but let us remind all of the Jacobins and … Continue reading

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Islamist Terrorism for Dummies

Islamist terrorism comes from radical Islam, which itself comes from Muslim fundamentalism. The latter originates from Islam. (It does not come from Judaism nor from Christianity or from atheism). Islamic … Continue reading

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Attacks in Catalonia: Stop the Islamic carnage!

International terrorism has struck once again. Two Islamist attacks have ravaged the Catalan people, snatching innocent people from dozens of families and wounding hundreds of others. This latest tragedy reminds … Continue reading

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Oxford Research Encyclopedia of African History “Berbers and the Nation-State in North Africa”

MDC Principal Research Fellow Prof. Bruce Maddy-Weitzman has recently published an article entitled, “Berbers and the Nation-State in North Africa” in the peer-reviewed Oxford Research Encyclopedia of African History. From … Continue reading

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Libya: no solution without the Amazigh

Tuesday 25 of July, French president Emmanuel Macron invited in La Celle-Saint-Cloud, near Paris, Fayez Sarraj who presents himself as leader of the National Unity Government (RNG ) and Khalifa … Continue reading

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All on the same galley but captains in turn!

Western democracy is a fiction. It does not exist. The peoples of the affluent nations should be aware of the inequalities that prevail throughout this world. There are small groups … Continue reading

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Kabylia for those who cannot recognize it

.. Kabylia, for those who do not know, is a province of Tamazgha, east of Algiers. It definitely offer wonderful sights, beautiful vistas in a word … nothing more than … Continue reading

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Recognizing the Rights of a «First People»

Recognizing the Rights of a «First People» By Professor David Belhassen* The twentieth century was at once the century of the great World Wars, the emancipation of man (and of women … Continue reading

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Charlie Hebdo caricaturist beaten at a conference

The Algerian colonial authorities have just launched their anti-riot forces against a conference on the theme “The History of the Contemporary Amazigh Movement”, organized by the Aokas Literary Café. Aokas … Continue reading

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The policy of scorched earth of the Algerian regime against Kabylia

Kabylia is ravaged by fires! More than a hundred fires, on separate zones, far from each other, started simultaneously. Unlike previous years, this year human lives, carried away by the … Continue reading

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Accession of Kabylia to Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization

In joining the “European Free Alliance” family, Kabylia has just added another victory on their road to independence. It has just crossed another milestone, bringing it closer and closer to … Continue reading

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UNPO Condemns Human Rights Violations and Arrests against its newest member: Kabylia

Shocked by the repression suffered by Kabyle activists who led a democratic and peaceful struggle for their people’s self-determination, notably on 20 May 2017 in Bouira, 14 June 2017 in … Continue reading

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The Kabyle people congratulate Dany Danon, the elected Vice-President of the UN General Assembly.

The president of Anavad congratulates Dany Danon, the elected Vice-President of the UN General Assembly. On the occasion of your brilliant election as Vice-President of the 72nd General Assembly of … Continue reading

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USA: Statement to the Public Opinion on Recent Developments in Rif

NEW YORK, May 30th, 2017| In response to the intransigence of the Moroccan authorities, their failure to knowledge the legitimacy of the demands of the Rif Movement, their rejection of … Continue reading

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In memory of our great, Kabyle poet Tahar Djaout

Today, May 26, it is already 34 years since Muslim activists killed the Kabyle poet Tahar Djaout. Djaout was one of those Algerian intellectuals, therefore Kabyles, who sincerely worked for … Continue reading

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What do the events of Tuviret reveal?

My friend Firmus seems to be amazed by the Westerners’ lack of indignation at the misfortune of certain peoples, especially the Amazigh peoples. There is much indignation, but very selective … Continue reading

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Marche attacked in Tuvirett, Kabylia

Violent clashes in progress; several sources point to violent clashes between the forces of Algerian colonial repression, in great numbers, and Kabylian sovereignist militants who organized a march to say … Continue reading

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European rifain sovereignists in conclave to fight Arab colonialism

While the king of Morocco went to France to secure the multifaceted, politic, diplomatic, military, interligency, support of France, true colonial power, in the plan of oppression against the Rifains. … Continue reading

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A Gandhi-King prize for Mr. Ferhat Mehenni

With the development of computing and the entry of the Net into many homes of the world, now the globe has become a giant screen where the noble actions of … Continue reading

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Kabylia will become an independent state

by Firmus From Rome to Turkey, no conqueror succeeds in subduing the Kabyle Nation, conquering its territory, and depriving it of its independence. Indeed, all the powerful countries that Kabylia … Continue reading

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The myth of an Arab-Muslim world is the European weapon of mass destruction

A few days ago a Norwegian friend, Charlotte Wethe said that this ineluctable Islamization of Scandinavia is the price to pay for the creation of an Israeli state. Speaks of … Continue reading

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I asked myself: “But where are these wild extremists we are talking about?”

On April 16, in Paris, between the Bastille and the Republic, those militants whom the Arabo-Muslims want to call savages and extremists for a handful of enlightened people, have also … Continue reading

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The Kabyle People’s Great March Toward Liberty

By observing the marchers for the freedom of a people oppressed by the Algerian state which they themselves freed from the French colonialists at the cost of innumerable sacrifices, my … Continue reading

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On 20 APRIL 2017, the Kabyle People continue their march forward …

On APRIL 20th 2017, the Kabyle people continue the march forward … The breakthrough of the MAK in Kabylia and through it, of the Kabyle people, increasingly worries the Algerian … Continue reading

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Recount of a visit of a girl to her Christian father in Arab-Muslim prison

Recount of a visit of a girl to her Christian father in Arab-Muslim prison sentenced to three years in prison for his belief in Christianity. Yesterday, Friday, April 7, 2017, as … Continue reading

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The European Kabylia

During his stay in Algeria (1882) Karl Marx had expressed his  wish of linking Kabylia to Europe to spread its egalitarian and libertarian culture. Karl Marx’s wish now seems to become … Continue reading

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April 20 is here and will be even more beautiful this year!

April 20 is here. The anniversary of that memorable day, by its magnitude to break the dictatorship but also its symbolic of never giving in to the charlatans, reasons in … Continue reading

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“Qedem”, The Land of the Hebrews

It is with great pleasure that I learn that the Hebrew people have just opened a website in French. Here is the announcement informing that the address of the site … Continue reading

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At the time, the Muslim crusade was ruled by the French state.

The proof that it was France that had “initiated” the Arab-Islamization of secular Kabylia: BY FADELA HEBBADJ At the time, the Muslim crusade was ruled by the French state. Today, … Continue reading

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Misery under the reign of an Arab-Muslim monarchy

Photos that revolt and give me the nausea, photos from a state, a monarchy, of which the hypocritical, so-called civilized west and having the human rights as main values, considered … Continue reading

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