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The Kabylia government condemns the islamist terror

The Anavad condemns the massacres perpetrated by the islamist terrorists of the Islamic State (Daech) against Kurdish civilians in Kobani, as it denounces and condemns the islamist attacks which have … Les videre

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Glasgow: Scotland -kabylie Solidarity in a gathering of Scottish independence

The Kabyle case gaining more and more visibility on the international level through the efforts of Kabyle activists and sympathizers around the world who miss no opportunity to publicize the … Les videre

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Quebec, Canada: A very original way to celebrate June 14, day of the Kabyle Nation

In Quebec, it is a sunny Sunday that coincided with June 14, the day of the Nation of Kabylia . A Kabyle is decided to celebrate this symbolic date by … Les videre

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50,000 protesters in Munich, Germany Anti-G7: Kabylia worthily represented

yesterday in Munich, Germany, there was a huge demonstration against the G7 Summit to be held from tomorrow, Sunday, June 7, at Elmau Castle, 100 km south Munich. They think … Les videre

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The MAK president: «After 14 years of existence, the MAK has reconciled Kabylia with itself»

«Thanks to MAK (Movment for autodetermination of Kabylia), the Kabyle people is today going towards the direction of its true liberation. Kabylia has finally given an official flag whose colors … Les videre

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AZAWAD / The UN bias strongly questioned

In recent days, images and videos circulating on social networks showing ammunition boxes marked «UN», meaning, Unated Nations (United Nations), used by militias GATIA- MAA – Government of Mali and … Les videre

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Raising of the Kabyle flag in Philadelphia

The advent of Kabylia on the international arena Kabylia is comming gradually on the international stage. She started to show in the grief and pain of the «Black Spring» of 2001. … Les videre

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Religious violence and the cultural alienation of North African youth

Since December 2013, deadly clashes have occurred in Algeria’s central Ghardaia region, breaking the calm tension after Algeria’s recent history of religious violence and civil war in the 1990s. These … Les videre

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Berberne og opprørene i Nord-Afrika

Vermondo Brugnatelli (Milan, 19 oktober 1953) er en italiensk språkforsker, forfatter og foreleser, regnet som en av de største lærde av berbisk språk. “Berberne og opprørene i Nord-Afrika” – Det er … Les videre

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Kabylia: the imperative of independence 2/2

Conference Mr. Ferhat MEHENNI in Montreal on 23/05/2015 (part 2) … read the part 1/2 D) Discrimination, economic and political sabotage, theft of our rights and our natural resources and … Les videre

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Kabylia: the imperative of independence 1/2

Conference Mr. Ferhat MEHENNI in Montreal on 23/05/2015 (part 1) Kabylia must necessarily become independent. The huge demonstrations of April 20, 2015, together with the adoption of the official flag of Kabylia … Les videre

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En fransk ordfører ønsker å forby islam: Han ble internert på dagen!

gjøkeredet film! Robert Chardon, ordfører i Venelles, i Bouches-du-Rhône, en by med ca 8000 innbyggere nær Aix-en-Provence, ble tvangsinnlagt på sykehus på dagen fredag 15. mai ifølge AFP, siterer en … Les videre

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Migrants in Mediterranean and Europe

For decades many African countries are under the control of armed dictatorships, supported, condoned by the West. They deliver their country to the plundering of multinationals, apply the edicts of … Les videre

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Congratulations from Kabylie to Scotland

Letter of Congratulations to Mrs Nicola STURGEON, Scottish Prime Minister and Chairman of the Scottish National Party (SNP) Mrs Nicola Sturgeon, It is with immense joy that Anavad (Provisional Government … Les videre

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The raising of Kabyle flag: Message from Roger KAPLAN, American writer and journalist

M. President Ladies and Gentlemen, Free men of Kabylie, With admiration and deep respect, Americans have watched for many years the courageous efforts of the people of Kabylia to achieve … Les videre

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Kabylia has an official flag

DIASPORA (Siwel) – The Kabyle Provisional Government in exile chose the date of 10.03.2015, commemorating the thirty-fifth anniversary of the first protest march of Kabylia against the Algerian colonial power, … Les videre

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The US travel warning: The Kabylian provisional Government writes to the Department of State MUNICH (SIWEL)

— In response to the last «Travel Warning» of the US state department, including Kabylia among the high-risk regions for American citizens, the Kabylian Provisional Government in exile, through the … Les videre

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«Je suis Papou»

Mens den vestlige gode samvittighet underholder verden med historier fra konflikten mellom de brødrene Israel og Palestina, foregår alvorlige forbrytelser mot menneskeheten rundt om i verden forårsaket av de monoteistiske … Les videre

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Kabylia is in the vanguard of struggles

I questioned the History, I interviewed the living and the dead; I visited cemeteries, nobody told me about the Algerian nation”. Dixit Ferhat Abbas, great nationalist leader. Actually, Algeria is … Les videre

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Project for a kabylian parliament

Kabylian Provisional Government/ Project for a kabylian parliament: The minister of mediation Lhacéne Ziani launches the debate CANADA (SIWEL) – Following his process of institutional construction and democratic deepening, the … Les videre

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The Kabylian national anthem « Ass n Tlelli » (The Freedom day).

English translation by doctor Dahmane Ait Ali  The Kabylian national anthem « Ass n Tlelli » (The Freedom day). English translation, (Official version : 12 triplets)A. The anthem Chorus (4 … Les videre

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Algeria; one of the largest sponsors for the islamist terrorists will host an international conferance about this subjedt

Algeria; one of the largest sponsors for the islamist terrorists. They have annonsed that they will host an international conferance about this subjedt. this created reactions for the Kabylian leader … Les videre

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UN’s «peacekeepers» bombard the Tuareg

AZAWAD (Siwel) – After the scandalous UN attack against the representatives of the Tuareg populations of Azawad yesterday, several popular demonstrations were held today in several localities of Azawad, including … Les videre

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Islamic State / Maxime Hochart & Michael Dos Santos or the «boomerang effect»!

Humiliated by the Kurds of Kobanê who resisted them for over two months with ridiculous weapons and, supreme humiliation, against women, the jihadists of the Islamic State decided to «cleanse their honor» … Les videre

20/11/2014 · 1 kommentar

Utenlandske muslimer er ansvarlige for sensur av kommentarer i europeiske medier

I denne rapporten får vi vite at nettmoderatorer i franske medier befinner seg i Marokko, og derfor avviser legitime kommentarer som oppleves forstyrrende for disse tapre lille Allah soldater . … Les videre

18/11/2014 · 1 kommentar

Islam oppstod flere hundre år senere enn den offisielle versjonen

Debatten mellom Alexandra Irene Larsen og Harald Olsen, viser at hva Islam sier om seg selv, aldri har blitt satt i tvil. Likevel er den offisielle historien om Islam en … Les videre

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Ufred i fredssenteret

Fredsenteret i Oslo i åpent samarbeid med Amnesty internasjonal, Freemuse og det franske institutt i Norge, i det skjulte i samarbeid med mange ambassader fra de arabiske statene, blant dem … Les videre

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Nye amerikanske våpenlast , slippet til Daesh islamister .

Etter å ha sluppet våpen og forsyninger til muslimske Daesh terrorister  i Kobani, er det denne gangen i Jalawla,i Irak, at kollisjons flyet droppet våpen til musimske terrorister! Ifølge den … Les videre

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Tyrkia – Vestens «allierte»

Tyrkia: Vestens «allierte» Den groteske strategien til Vesten som er å alliere seg med forfedrene til islamsk fundamentalisme er uforståelig. Nødvendigvis fører den til å stille spørsmål ved realiteten av … Les videre

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Nobelpris På Bedringens Vei

Congratulations to this teenager who is marked for life on her body! «The pen is mightier than the sword«; this sentence was pronounced by the 2014 Nobel Peace price winner, Malala … Les videre

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Bernard Kouchner: All boundaries from colonization will disappear

He was invited to the popular talk show of Ruquier Laurent, where the former French Minister of Foreign Affairs (2007-2010) explained that he must go back to colonization to understand … Les videre

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Gatekamp i Kobanê: kriminell hykleri av Vesten og heroisk motstand av Kurdistan

Etter tre uker med beleiring, kom terrorister av den islamske staten i den kurdiske byen Kobanê der regn bomber lansert av jihadister må vike for intense gatekamper mellom kurdiske krigere … Les videre

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Folkemordet på kurderne annonsert:

Folkemordet på kurderne annonsert: Den hykleriske vesten, Tyrkia og arabiske kriminelle startet sammen et fryktelig folkemord-prosjekt på kurderne … Hvis en palestiner blir såret, blir hele Europa herjet av arabere … Les videre

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Destroy the Kabylie by infamy» Ferhat Mehenni reflection «Around the kidnapping and beheading of Hervé Giordano»

PARIS (AJIT) – the continuation of terrorism in Kabylie, while this one is virtually non-existent elsewhere, allows to pass, with the international media and chanceries the following thesis: «the Algerian … Les videre

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Sjiamuslimske militser i Irak er like farlige som kalifatet

Khomeini militser formerer seg raskt i Irak og har blandet seg i strukturer til regjeringen i Bagdad, som har blitt altfor avhengig av dem for å tenke å kunne slå … Les videre

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Moroccan amazigh Poet: Arab World is Imperialist, ‘Palestine’ is Jewish

A Moroccan poet Amazigh activist angered Moroccan Arab and accusing the Arab world  for imperialism and defending the right of the Jewish people to live on his land Israel. Outspoken … Les videre

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Ferhat Mehenni’s message to the young kabylians

Tomorrow, if our option proves to be below or above the kabylian people interests, it’s your responsibility to readjust its course. Like our predecessors, we did our duty; it’s up … Les videre

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Nei, nei, og atter nei!

Jeg er bekymret. Det ser ut til at USA og hele NATO koalisjonen vil angripe den  islamske Staten i Irak. Den islamske staten i Irak er i ferd med å … Les videre

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Project for a Kabylian State

Considering the Catalan, Flemish, Scottish, Welsh, Sardinian, Quebec, South Sudanese, Kosovar experiences as well as the emergence of new states stem from the old Yugoslavia artificially built by the communist … Les videre

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Jeg skiller ikke mellom islam og islamisme, radikal islam, islamsk fundamentalisme

Det er på mote  en ny talemåte som gjør meg kvalm. Slik som begrepet «radikale islamister» som indikerer at politiske og media eliter ikke bare har akseptert islam, men også … Les videre

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A Message to President Obama from a former Muslim

Brother Rashid was an Moroccan Muslim Imam’s son, then converted to Christ. He is one of the greatest researchers in Al-Hayat channel and in the entire world.   

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