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The beer festival in Morocco

The beer festival in Morocco stillborn The first edition of the beer festival announced in Morocco will not take place. Local authorities in the district of Casablanca just published a … Continue reading

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After the tragedy in Mecca, Saudi Arabia refuses to deliver the bodies to families

In the big “panic” in Mecca that has caused more than 900 victims, the most distressing part is without doubt the pathetic slave dome to the “states” that are most … Continue reading

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Boualem Sansal: Brev til en franskmann om den kommende verden

I et “Brev til en franskmann om den kommende verden”, publisert onsdag i Le Figaro, uttrykte den berømte algeriske forfatteren Boualem Sansal sin frykt for fremveksten av islamisme i Algerie … Continue reading

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And now? Shall we vote in favor of the creation of a Kabyle state?

This article is not written by a Kabyle. It is written by a French, Shira, in reaction to the vote of the French Parliament which recognizes a Palestinian state Kabyle nation, the … Continue reading

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Yellow Ribbon Campaign

*Amendil Awray – Yellow Ribbon Campaign. We are launchning the Yellow Ribbon campaign in Kabylie as part of the White Ribbon Campaign which is a world-wide movement currently functioning in … Continue reading

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Congratulation to Mrs. Kamira Naït Sid: new president of CMA

After two days of work for the redefinition of the Statute of CMA (World Amazigh Congress) and the renewal of its bodies, Kamira Naït Sid was elected new president. It … Continue reading

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Islamists in costume and tie threats

  MOVEMENT FOR SELF-DETERMINATION OF KABYLIA (MAK) Sellal and Ouyahia threats: Release of the MAK Held responsible in the events of Ghardaïa and in flagrante delicto in supporting the Châambas … Continue reading

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Marocco : Giant poster urging to respect Ramadan under the slogan “No Bikinis”

The states of North Africa with their Arab-Islamic colonial policy have developed in many citizens undeniable parallels with the ideology of daechistes. In Agadir, a coastal city of Amazigh origin, … Continue reading

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Glasgow: Scotland -kabylie Solidarity in a gathering of Scottish independence

The Kabyle case gaining more and more visibility on the international level through the efforts of Kabyle activists and sympathizers around the world who miss no opportunity to publicize the … Continue reading

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Quebec, Canada: A very original way to celebrate June 14, day of the Kabyle Nation

In Quebec, it is a sunny Sunday that coincided with June 14, the day of the Nation of Kabylia . A Kabyle is decided to celebrate this symbolic date by … Continue reading

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The Kabylian flag is hoisted in Marseille

The event date was chosen to celebrate as the day of the Kabyle nation (June 14). In front of a large crowd that the Kabyle flag was raised in Marseilles. … Continue reading

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The MAK president: “After 14 years of existence, the MAK has reconciled Kabylia with itself”

“Thanks to MAK (Movment for autodetermination of Kabylia), the Kabyle people is today going towards the direction of its true liberation. Kabylia has finally given an official flag whose colors … Continue reading

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Kabylia: the imperative of independence 2/2

Conference Mr. Ferhat MEHENNI in Montreal on 23/05/2015 (part 2) … read the part 1/2 D) Discrimination, economic and political sabotage, theft of our rights and our natural resources and … Continue reading

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Kabylia: the imperative of independence 1/2

Conference Mr. Ferhat MEHENNI in Montreal on 23/05/2015 (part 1) Kabylia must necessarily become independent. The huge demonstrations of April 20, 2015, together with the adoption of the official flag of Kabylia … Continue reading

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The continent of protest

Since time immemorial, Kabylia is the continent of protest. When it is not corrupt, the Kabyle soul can not bear injustice and indignity. This is mainly in Kabylia that Firmus fought … Continue reading

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En fransk ordfører ønsker å forby islam: Han ble internert på dagen!

gjøkeredet film! Robert Chardon, ordfører i Venelles, i Bouches-du-Rhône, en by med ca 8000 innbyggere nær Aix-en-Provence, ble tvangsinnlagt på sykehus på dagen fredag 15. mai ifølge AFP, siterer en … Continue reading

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Tribute: Herve Gourdel’s family in Kabylia

KABYLIA (Siwel) The family of Hervé Gourdel traveled in the utmost discretion, last Sunday in Kabylia, where the French climber was kidnapped and murdered by Algerian Islamists. His widow and … Continue reading

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The raising of Kabyle flag: Message from Roger KAPLAN, American writer and journalist

M. President Ladies and Gentlemen, Free men of Kabylie, With admiration and deep respect, Americans have watched for many years the courageous efforts of the people of Kabylia to achieve … Continue reading

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There are 3 years since Azawad declared its independence

AZAWAD (Siwel) – On the 6th of April 2015, there has been three years since the National Liberation Movement of Azawad unilaterally declared independence of Azawad after releasing the entire … Continue reading

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Den fordervet FN : MINUSMA kutter strømmen for sivil befolkning i Kidal

For en skam!MINUSMA (hær i regi av De forente nasjoner) som skulle være upartisk og sikre fred, oppfører seg som en kolonial hær mot Amazigh Tuareg av Azawad Per 28. … Continue reading

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Kabylia has an official flag

DIASPORA (Siwel) – The Kabyle Provisional Government in exile chose the date of 10.03.2015, commemorating the thirty-fifth anniversary of the first protest march of Kabylia against the Algerian colonial power, … Continue reading

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Declaration of the Association of the Women of Azawad following the closing of the Algiers talks 5

The Association of Women of Azawad attended with a very special attention to the latest discussions in Algiers in the peace process between Azawad and Mali. As a driving force … Continue reading

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“Je suis Papou”

Mens den vestlige gode samvittighet underholder verden med historier fra konflikten mellom de brødrene Israel og Palestina, foregår alvorlige forbrytelser mot menneskeheten rundt om i verden forårsaket av de monoteistiske … Continue reading

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Algier’s Agreement (Mali- Azawad): Bilal Ag Acherif refuses to sign, as did the US

The Secretary General of the MNLA, Bilal Ag Acherif, representing the coordination of the movements of Azawad refused to sign the Algiers agreements. These agreements have raised a huge indignation … Continue reading

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Why does the US State Department recommend against travelling to Kabylia?

Why does the US State Department recommend against travelling to Kabylia? The department of the America State, in a release published early this week, has, again, reiterated the call to … Continue reading

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Kabylia is in the vanguard of struggles

I questioned the History, I interviewed the living and the dead; I visited cemeteries, nobody told me about the Algerian nation”. Dixit Ferhat Abbas, great nationalist leader. Actually, Algeria is … Continue reading

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Kabyle cartoonist Ali Dilem joined Charlie Hebdo

PARIS (Siwel) – On the eve of the release of the new issue of Charlie Hebdo, we learn that two cartoonists have joined Charlie Hebdo. René Pétillon and the Kabyle Ali … Continue reading

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Kabylia present at the concert of the peoples without states

PARIS (SIWEL) – Within the framework of the «ANTI-COLONIAL WEEK », the kabylian people took part in the concert of the peoples without states, on Friday 20th of February at … Continue reading

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Algeria; one of the largest sponsors for the islamist terrorists will host an international conferance about this subjedt

Algeria; one of the largest sponsors for the islamist terrorists. They have annonsed that they will host an international conferance about this subjedt. this created reactions for the Kabylian leader … Continue reading

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Islam, islamism, muslims, islamists and tutti quanti!

  Islamism must not be confused with Islam says in chorus members of the Parliament, writers and journalists, and even opponents to “stealth islamization” of society. I do not know … Continue reading

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Hennes morder må nå være en “moderat”

Den 26. januar var det 18 år siden Amel Zenoun Zeouani, en kvinnelig ung jus-student i Alger, reiste med bussen hjem like før middagen. Hennes buss kom over en falsk … Continue reading

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Celebration of the Berber new year in Oslo, Norway

The Berber new year, Yennayer, was celebrated this year in Oslo, Norway, in a particular way; It was dedicated to the Kabyle Mr Mustapha Ourad, literary corrector at Charlie Hebdo … Continue reading

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Islamic terrorism in France

Islamic terrorists who wanted to bring France to its knees have just been shot by the security services. Kabylia who fights for its freedom is relieved. However, there were heavy … Continue reading

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Det algirske arabisk-muslimske kolonistyre: “Boikott alle kabylske kulturelle aktiviteter i utlandet”

“Vi har fått klare instruksjoner fra vårt utenriksdepartement om å ikke delta i noen kulturelle eller andre aktiviteter i regi av det kabylske samfunnet i utlandet, spesielt i anledning av … Continue reading

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London School of Economics and Political Science: Konferanse i London om det kabylske politiske systemet

London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), som ga 16 nobelpriser, blant dem 12 i økonomi og trettifem statsledere- eller regjeringssjef, vil på mandag 12. januar 2015 huse en … Continue reading

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Marrakech: I det 2. internasjonale forum for menneskerettigheter ber MAK om selvbestemmelse for Kabyler

Representert av Hocine Azem, forbundssekretær for Eksterne relasjoner i Bevegelsen for selvbestemmelse i Kabylia (MAK) har minnet publikum den umistelige retten til Kabyler for selvbestemmelse. Som talsmann for like rettigheter … Continue reading

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Islamic State / Maxime Hochart & Michael Dos Santos or the “boomerang effect”!

Humiliated by the Kurds of Kobanê who resisted them for over two months with ridiculous weapons and, supreme humiliation, against women, the jihadists of the Islamic State decided to “cleanse their honor” … Continue reading

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Utenlandske muslimer er ansvarlige for sensur av kommentarer i europeiske medier

I denne rapporten får vi vite at nettmoderatorer i franske medier befinner seg i Marokko, og derfor avviser legitime kommentarer som oppleves forstyrrende for disse tapre lille Allah soldater . … Continue reading

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Ufred i fredssenteret

Fredsenteret i Oslo i åpent samarbeid med Amnesty internasjonal, Freemuse og det franske institutt i Norge, i det skjulte i samarbeid med mange ambassader fra de arabiske statene, blant dem … Continue reading

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Nye amerikanske våpenlast , slippet til Daesh islamister .

Etter å ha sluppet våpen og forsyninger til muslimske Daesh terrorister  i Kobani, er det denne gangen i Jalawla,i Irak, at kollisjons flyet droppet våpen til musimske terrorister! Ifølge den … Continue reading

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Tyrkia – Vestens “allierte”

Tyrkia: Vestens “allierte” Den groteske strategien til Vesten som er å alliere seg med forfedrene til islamsk fundamentalisme er uforståelig. Nødvendigvis fører den til å stille spørsmål ved realiteten av … Continue reading

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