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According to international law, Kabylia is under a regime of violation of human rights

According to international law, Kabylia is under a regime of violation of human rights, and therefore the Kabyle people are legitimate to create their own government and parliament to work … Continue reading

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The Kabyle people, a people of winners

  In 1824, some years before France invades the northern central of Africa to replace Turkey, it’s tired old ally, the American general consul in Algiers, William Shaler described the … Continue reading

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Algerian threats on the marches of 20 April in Kabylia: The Kabyle Provisional Government appeals to international bodies

ANAVAD AQVAYLI UΣḌIL Provisional Government of Kabylia EXILE (Siwel) – The president of the Kabyle Provisional Government, Ferhat Mehenni, sent a letter on Monday to several international institutions (Ban Ki-moon, … Continue reading

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Anti Propaganda MAK: the channel Beur TV invests in a Lie and manipulation of public opinion

PARIS (SIWEL) – The television channel franco-Algerian Beur TV, subsidized by the CSA (French), is not in rest of the propaganda of denigration of the Movement for the self-determination of the … Continue reading

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Boualem Sansal: “Mr. Holland chose to support the Algerian dictatorship “

The writer regrets that France supports the Algeria dictature, “the armed wing of the FLN, promoter of the religion of hatred “against our country. LE FIGARO. -Francois Hollande is the … Continue reading

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Report from the 3rd congress of the movement for self-determination of Kabylia

The Berber identity movement in North Africa was pioneered by the Kabyles of Algeria. But a preoccupation with identity and language has obscured the fact that Kabyle dissidence has been … Continue reading

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Letter of the Kabyle diaspora in North America to Ban Ki-moon

Last Friday Kabyles Representatives in the US and Canada addressed a letter to the General Secretary of the United Nations Organization on the eve of his official visit to Algeria … Continue reading

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Kabylia, the long march to independence

I who witnessed for 30 years the struggle of the Kabyle people for its freedom, how could I hide my emotion after seeing the pictures of the march organized on … Continue reading

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The Kabyle American citizens’s response to the Algerian despot government

WASHINGTON D.C. (SIWEL) — US citizens of Kabyle origin are afflicted of the contents of the new Algerian Consitution whose sole purpose is to confiscate the freedom of the Kabyle … Continue reading

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The ballroom of the hypocrites, the Algerian minister of justice believes that it is necessary to protect “the Arab nation” of Islamic terrorism

The ballroom of the hypocrites, the Algerian minister of justice believes that it is necessary to protect “the Arab nation” of Islamic terrorism THE CAIRO (SIWEL) – According to the … Continue reading

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At the UN, Morocco calls for self-determination of the Kabyle people in Algeria

At the UN, Morocco calls for self-determination of the Kabyle people in Algeria: The question of self-determination of Kabylia was raised for the first time at the United Nations. This … Continue reading

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Terrorism in Kabylia is the fact of Algerian services

“Terrorism in Kabylia is the fact of Algerian services.” Dixit, the retired general Hocine Benhadid. “Terrorism in Kabylia is the fact of services (Algerian, ed)”. Dixit, the retired general Hocine … Continue reading

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This is « Rwanda in the Mzab ».

 Algeria is exterminating the Mzab people.  Ghardaïa has been locked down by « security forces » as to better prevent the Mozabits to protect themselves in front of the Arabs … Continue reading

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Tribute: Herve Gourdel’s family in Kabylia

KABYLIA (Siwel) The family of Hervé Gourdel traveled in the utmost discretion, last Sunday in Kabylia, where the French climber was kidnapped and murdered by Algerian Islamists. His widow and … Continue reading

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The Kabyle Christians’ persecution still continues

By Dr Dahmane At Ali The Kabyle Christians’ persecution still continues Religious freedom and religion facts in Kabylia Kabylia is populated by Berbers, a millenary indigenous people of North Africa. … Continue reading

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Algeria: Sub-Saharan immigration or the boomerang effect of the manipulation of Islamist terrorism by Secret service of Algéria

The creation of MUJAO ( terrorist organization Polisario ) , Ansar Dine and AQIM by Algerian security services completed ruining many African peoples. After doing everything to ruin the Tuareg … Continue reading

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Kabylia: Tusenvis av mennesker demonstrerte for selvstendighet –

Tusenvis av mennesker har begynt denne søndag 27 april kl 10:50, en marsj i Tizi Ouzou for “self-determination av det kabylske folket ” etter opprop fra MAK, har det blitt … Continue reading

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Kabylia: Thousands of people march for their self-determination

Tizi Ouzou: Thousands of people march for “self-determination of the Kabyle people” Thousands of people have begun this Sunday, April 27 at 10:50 am, a march in Tizi Ouzou for … Continue reading

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Ferhat Mehenni reacts to “encouragement” sent by Ban Ki-moon to the Algerian Government

UN loses more and more credibility and gives us more evidence that this is a forum for dictators and criminals. The UN is dangerous for peace, dangerous for the freedom … Continue reading

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The alleged author of the video showing the lynching of the Algerian police has been arrested.

The investigation by the Chief DGNS confirms the direction in which it is conducted : A charge against the Kabyles ! Instead of arresting the police behaved like savages, the … Continue reading

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Thank you for the exemplary solidarity!

Yesterday I shared a petition made ​​by the Kabyle people sent to French President Francois Hollande to influence and get him to stop his criminal shale gas projects in Kabylia … Continue reading

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Exploitation of shale gases in Kabylia : Ferhat Mehenni interpellates François Hollande

Exploitation of shale gases in Kabylia : Ferhat Mehenni interpellates François Hollande Tansalt by Muhend Arezqi PARIS (SIWEL) — In an open letter sent to François Hollande, the president of … Continue reading

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Exploitation of shale gas in Kabylia: Ferhat Mehenni calls François Hollande

When the Algerian government is out of ideas to kill Kabylia, the France is there to help him! In an open letter to François Hollande, the president of the Anavad … Continue reading

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When Algeria’s Police Fail to Act, Citizen Journalists Step in

Not long after evidence of police abuse was exposed by citizen journalists there last month, cyber activists in the city of Ghardaïa have once against uncovered failings of Algeria’s police … Continue reading

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Algeria: Amazigh seek protection of UN peacekeepers

The President of  Anavad, the Kabyle Provisional Government, Ferhat Mehenni, sent a letter to Secretary General Ban Ki Moon, to require him international protection of the Mozabite Amazigh people in … Continue reading

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Åpent brev fra den kabylske provisoriske regjeringen til Hillary Clinton, USAs statssekretær, på besøk i Algerie

I dag besøker du Algerie, som fortsatt er under kontroll av de militære og Kabyle folket er fratatt sin rett til selvbestemmelse. Vi kan ikke være stolte av landets politiske … Continue reading

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Mayles, et fornavn nektet av den arabiske kolonial administrasjonen i Algerie

Dette er apartheid i ordets rette forstand!!!!!!!!! 26. august 2010 ble et lite jentebarn født i Tizi-Ouzou. Foreldrene, bosatt i Azazga Kabylia, ønsket å kalle deres nyfødte for Mayles, et … Continue reading

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Algeria’s Minority Group Demands Autonomy, Sparking Stability Concerns of Another Arab Ally

Det første skrittet mot internasjonalisering av det  kabylske spørsmålet har nettopp blitt tatt  denne 20 april 2011! Nedtellingen til kabylsk folkets seier er  aktivert. Det er bare et spørsmål om … Continue reading

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Snart kommer 20. april…

For ti år siden skjot regimet i Algerie mot kabylske ubevæpnede demonstranter. Snart kommer 20. april og store demonstrasjoner er ventet. La oss se om historien kan bringe nytt lys … Continue reading

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